Frequently Asked Questions

AOC Program

Why am I in the AOC program?
The Office of Undergraduate Admission (OUA) reviews every student’s application in a comprehensive manner. To this end, OUA takes into consideration your grade point average (GPA), test scores (ACT/SAT), absences from high school, and the university requirements for the school/college you have applied for, to name just a few. After this review, the conclusion is that some students need additional academic support, especially in core subject areas. In order to provide access and meet UW System and UWM requirements, certain students have been personally selected to participate in AOC.

When can I get out of the AOC program?
Once you have met your school/college courses and GPA requirements (i.e. Lubar School of Business, College of Letter and Science etc.), you will be transferred out of the AOC program.

AOC Advising

Who should I contact to make an appointment with my AOC advisor?
You should read the e-mails from your advisor since each advisor has different appointment procedures.

How many times must I see my AOC advisor a semester?
You are required to see your AOC advisor a minimum of once a month.

How many times must I see my school/college advisor a semester?
You should see your school/college advisor once a semester.

Why am I required to see my AOC advisor at least once a month?
You are required to meet with your AOC advisor because we want to assist you with your transfer from the AOC program and into your school/college major as soon as possible. Through our intensive advising, we want to be proactive in helping you find solutions before the problems escalate, instead of being reactive in helping you solve the problems that may not have satisfactory solutions.

Can I change AOC advisors?
No. No. No. You are randomly assigned an AOC advisor at the time of your admission and you will work with him/her as long as you remain in AOC.

Why am I on academic probation?
Please see the “Academic Probation” section.

How do I get off of academic probation?
Please see the “Probation Appeal” section.

AOC Academics

Why do I need to take courses offered by AOC?
The courses are designed to guide you for your future course work. The classes are small, generally 20 students, so that students can receive more academic assistance from their instructors.

How do I know which courses I need to take?
Your AOC advisor will help you plan your course work based upon your placement test scores and intended major.

How many credits can I take per semester?
Students will be required to take 15 credits per semester while they are in the AOC program.

Where do I find listings of university courses and descriptions?
You can find the information here:

AOC Summer Bridge

Why do I need to attend the Summer Bridge program?
AOC recognizes that some students’ educational experience may not have adequately prepared them to succeed in college. The Summer Bridge Program helps students with their transition from high school to college. Read more…

How do I know how well I’m doing in the program?
You will periodically receive progress reports from your instructors. For math class, since you’re using ALEKS, you should be able to see your progress reports daily.

Other Questions relating to AOC

Where is the AOC computer lab? What are the hours?
The AOC lab is located in Mitchell Hall (MIT) 133. The Hours are: Monday – Thursday from 8:30am – 3:30 p.m and Fridays from 8:30am -12:30pm. Don’t know where Mitchell Hall is? We are located at the intersection of N. Downer Ave. and E Kenwood Blvd.