The MSP is designed to cultivate the next generation of change-makers at the personal, local, and global levels.

Unpredictability has become the new normal of our time. The Master of Sustainable Peacebuilding program is designed to cultivate the next generation of change- makers. The interacting forces of urbanization, climate change, economic inequity and ideological polarization intertwine to generate complex pressures on the environment, society, and culture. Figuring out where to start requires trans-disciplinary systems-based approaches and new ways of thinking about “solutions” and “fixes.” The Master of Sustainable Peacebuilding (MSP) was created to provide the conceptual foundation and instill the practical skills for engaging these complex “wicked” problems with methods for building peace. The MSP’s premise is that healthy and sustainable communities lead to long-term positive change.

MSP students learn techniques for grappling with complexity and developing strategies for effective change, while building critical leadership skills in facilitation, strategic planning, and evaluation. These skills can be applied across diverse employment sectors, such as population and community health, natural resources stewardship, conflict transformation, global security, education and nonprofit management.

If you are motivated to understand the complex dynamics underlying the issues facing today’s world and dream about being an effective change – maker, we encourage you to learn more about the MSP.

The MSP embraces a cohort-based trans-disciplinary model and students are drawn from diverse academic, socio-cultural and professional backgrounds. The MSP is a degree you build and you own. MSP teaches core concepts and skills to all its students, but your MSP is grown out of your background and unique capacities, your interests, and your experiences and beyond. You bring value to your peers-you learn from and teach one another.

“The MSP program [enables] us to work peacefully within complex systems on every scale – within our natural world, within our society, and within ourselves.”
– MSP Graduate


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  • MSP students (Jen Shellman and Cait Haberman) and, Bev Zabler, Nursing Clinical Assistant Professor at the annual NNCC conference in Philadelphia, 2015