Provide student centered services and support that results in student success in the form of retention.


  • Establishment of University structures, policies, and processes to support and coordinate student-centric efforts and initiatives.
  • Linking efforts to key metrics (Outstanding Learning Environment) to gauge student success.

Strategies and Actions

The multiple student success strategies are subsumed under three commitments: Commitment to Students’ Academic Journey, Commitment to Students Personal Growth & Financial Security, and Commitment to an Inclusive and Supportive Panther Community. Together, these commitments encompass multiple initiatives, including UWM 2030, DEI Initiatives (Action Plan), Strategic Affairs Plan, EAB Moon Shot, M-Cubed, Hera-CCC, and integrate efforts across multiple units within Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Finance and Administrative Affairs, University Relations, Division of Diversity, and Equity, and Inclusion and other campus units. See Provost’s Office Strategic Update – Student Centric Efforts.

Progress to Date

Efforts across multiple initiatives were integrated within framework for student success. In Fall 2021, the Provost’s Office provided a comprehensive summary of the student-centric efforts. Actions in support each of the strategies over the past Academic Year (2021- 2022) include:

  • Facilitating meetings between the Multicultural Student Center staff (DEI) and staff from the Centers for Advocacy and Student Engagement (Student Affairs).
  • Developing extra-curricular maps and pathways of engagement (modeled after/connected to academic maps).
  • Developing the Coordinated Care model.
  • Professional development and staff training for Navigate.
  • The Academic Scheduling Workgroup is identifying the successes so far and trying to align processes with the policy.
  • Reviewing transfer pathways for IT, nursing, health, general business, and education currently.
  • Exploring options for software support for the degree audit system.
  • Building a data model to centralize all pre-college courses at UWM. Exploring ways to message out to young students.
  • Identifying students that end up on probation to determine contributing factors.
  • Creating innovative credentialing pathways partnering with business and industry.
  • Establishing micro-credential policy with governance approval.
  • Awarding retention grants.
  • Establishing the one stop shop for Student Financial Services (Financial Aid and Bursar) with opening by Fall 2022.
  • Mapping out a plan for experiential learning.

Milestones and Schedule

Student Success and Moonshot for Equity efforts are ongoing.

Key Relations with Other Teams


Timeline – Synopsis from the Co-Leads

Spring 2023Continued activities in support of the Student Success Framework. Some highlights include: The Student Financial Services Center is fully operational; Moon Shot for Equity Holistic Care team is coordinating efforts with the Access to Second Chance Team and their support plan for re-entry outreach; Deans and other campus groups provided information regarding implementation of microcredentials; M-Cubed Professional Development Day held February 17, 2023 that brought together all MPS teachers, and faculty and staff from MATC and UWM in math, English and science to examine best practices to connect learning.
December 2022Commitment to an Inclusive and Supportive Panther Community: Student Association developing a more defined purpose statement and goals for Spring 2023. The Student Learning and Development Committee examining what we want students to be able to do by graduation and identifying structure and scaffold experiences to help accomplish outcomes. Commitment to Students’ Academic Journey: Further development of the Coordinated Care Model. Designing a Professional Development Day for MPS Teachers and faculty/staff from UWM and MATC. Continuation of Smart Start. Commitment to Students’ Personal Growth & Financial Security:  Establishing a process for retention grants. Implementing strategies to increase FAFSA completion. 
November 2022Highlighted activity: As part of the student success framework’s commitment to students’ personal grown & financial security, and in collaboration with the Moon Shot for Equity initiative, the Division of Enrollment Management and Student Success Center have aligned their processes to better identify students eligible for retention grants. Retention grants strategically award small funds to students to stay enrolled and make progress to graduation. Awards to support students’ continuation to the Spring 2023 will be awarded in December 2022.  
October 2022Highlights from the continued activities support the Student Success Framework: Support U has launched and students actively engaging with the program; Access to Second Chance for Adult Students has convened; launched the Moon Shot for Equity Aligning Math team; Identifying the process for enrollment and awarding of microcredentials; the new space for the Student  Financial Services Center is complete with staff cross-training initiated; the SET has made significant strides with engaging campus and community partners; fall meetings of diverse student organization leadership with Student Affairs continues.
September 2022Continued activities in support of the Student Success Framework. Commitment to an Inclusive & Supportive Panther Community (Support U, Student Health & Wellness Center, MPS/MATC/UWM Collaboration); Commitment to Student’s Academic Journey (Hold Reform, UWS Automatic Admission exploration; Tech Ed Frontiers, Pathways: stackable credentials); Commitment to Students Personal Growth and financial Security (Student Financial Services Center, SET).
Continued activities in support of the Student Success Framework. Consideration of how to best communicate progress on the collaboration and coordination of various Student Success actions across the campus.
Highlighted Action: facilitated meeting between Multicultural Student Center and Centers for Advocacy and Engagement; early stage development of extra-curricular maps and pathways of engagement; further development of the coordinate care model; one-stop shope set up in Mellencamp; professional development of staff; messaging out to young students; success of retention grants
Update at the Faculty Senate; Micro-credential Policy garners governance approval. Highlighted Actions: monthly meetings between administrators and leaders of diverse student organization; cataloguing of all pre-college courses to better manage and coordinate, good participation planned for summer M-Cubed smart start; continued work to update technology.
Microcredential Policy receives governance approvals and heads to Faculty Senate. Highlighted Actions: planning expanded fall welcome in 2022 & events throughout the year; launching a coordinated care model; added three more best practices to Moonshot; funding provided to support strategic plan; hiring Executive Director for student experience & talent (experiential learning)
February 2022Identifying key metrics linked to specific action. On-going efforts & actions.
Highlighted Actions: identifying & resolving technical issues that impede advising time; establishing effective practices for hold reform & retention grants; establishing best practices for pathways for re-entry & re- enrolling studies; completion of micro-credentialing needs assessment. Coordinating efforts with DEI.
December 2021Finalized conceptual model with three commitments and continued build out of the actions and tasks. Build out includes delineating work groups, project leads, dependencies, metrics, communications, technologies, and barriers to success.
November 2021Continued consideration of draft organizing principles – 1) Commitment to Students’ Academic Journey; 2) Commitment to Students’ Financial Growth and Security; and 3) Commitment to a Thriving, Inclusive, and Engaged Community. On-going work on specific actions identified in the grid.
Consideration of draft organizing principles – 1) Commitment to Students’ Academic Journey; 2) Commitment to Students’ Financial Growth and Security; and 3) Commitment to a Thriving, Inclusive, and Engaged Community. On-going work on specific actions identified in the grid.
September 2021Continued synthesis and organization of initiatives. On-going work on specific actions identified in the grid.
Synthesis and organization of campus-wide actions relating to student success that fall under multiple initiatives into a Student Success grid to track progress and assessment metrics. Conceptual models (3 commitments) under consideration. Actions are on-going.
June/July 2021Monthly meetings set up and initiated with the implementation team leads (Dave Clark, Kay Eilers, Kelly Haag, Phyllis King, Chia Vang ). Team developing action plan and coordinating efforts of multiple on-going initiatives.