Make cultural and policy changes to aid in the advancement, career success and other support of UWM employees.


Two outcomes are identified:

  • Establishment of the Research and Teaching Professor titles for Academic Staff;
  • Creation of an Enhanced Employee Development Program.

Strategies and Actions

The implementation team has two work groups:

  • Research and Teaching Professor title work group;
  • Professional Development work group.

Progress to Date

Research and Teaching Professor Titles

The Research and Teaching Professor Title work group presented to the University Committee and the Academic Staff Committee in Fall 2021 with Titles approved by the Provost in Spring 2022. Guidance documentation has been developed to facilitate implementation.

Professional Development

The Professional Development work group initiated their efforts on an Enhanced Employee Development Program. Some actions underway include:

  • Examining examples/best practices, and evaluating strategies and tactics, that could be implemented at UWM, including possible coordination with the UW-System Administrative Transformation Program (ATP);
  • Identifying key concerns from employees, via a survey sent to governance groups;
  • Generating ideas and evaluating feasibility.

Looking Ahead

The Teaching and Research Professor titles have been approved for use.

Preliminary recommendations for an Enhanced Employee Development Program is expected during Academic Year 2022 – 2023.

Key Relationships with Other Teams


Timeline – Synopsis from the Co-Leads

Spring 2023The Organizational Development has been launched. The Professional Development workgroup continues to meet and anticipates a report with recommendations by Summer 2023.
December 2022A new website has been launched that highlights the generous benefit packages that support and enrich UWM’s staff and faculty:   Benefits to Benefit You and Your Life | Human Resources (uwm.edu). The Professional Development teams continues to garner feedback to assess feasibility, benefits, and priorities of recommended options.
November 2022Organizational development continues to solicit feedback on their presentation. The Professional Development teams is conducting focus group-like feedback to assess feasibility, benefits, and priorities of recommended options.
October 2022Continuing to garner feedback on the presentation launched last month. The Professional Development work group continues to develop and discuss ideas with recommendations anticipated towards the end of fall.
September 2022Human Resources presenting Rowing Together Towards 2030 Creating World-class Staff and Faculty Experiences to drive Organizational Success…
for this year, next year and in 2030
to governance groups and unit administration leaders.
Professional Development work group: Developing presentation that will be shared with leadership and units to garner feedback. Continued consideration of ideas and their feasibility.
Research/Teaching Professor work group: Discussion with Deans planned for summer 2022 with implementation planned for fall 2022. Professional Development work group: Developing recommendations and a framework. Looking to solicit feedback on ideas & assessment in the near future.
Research/Teaching Professor work group: Discussion about use of titles and Teaching Faculty titles. Professional Development work group: Identifying key concerns from faculty & staff based on survey. Developing recommendations for some “quick” wins.
Research/Teaching Professor work group: Guidance document and titles approved by the Provost. TTC titles of Teaching Faculty may also be used. Information provided at the Chair’s meeting on March 18, 2022. Professional Development work group: Surveyed governance groups to solicit input. Continuation of research & developing a framework.
February 2022Research/Teaching Professor work group: Proposal at Provost office for approval. Guidance document finalized. Titles expected to be place by end of spring semester. Professional Development work group: Group researching best practices, strategies, and tactics for employee development. Note that the UWS ATP will include new enterprise system for HR that may be leveraged for employee support.
Research/Teaching Professor work group: Proposal for titles at the Provost. Guidance document is nearly finalized. Professional Development work group: Kathy Heath is now leading the workgroup.
December 2021Research/Teaching Professor work group: Developing guidance document. Professional Development work group: No activity.
November 2021Research/Teaching Professor work group: Presented at the University Committee and at the Academic Staff Committee. Developing guidance documentation. Professional Development work group: Work temporarily tabled given departure of Tim Danielson and on-going TTC for Academic Staff.
Professional Development work group secures membership with representation from each governance group. Initial discussions of ideas.
September 2021Establishing sub-groups for each task: Research & Teaching Professor titles and Professional Development.
Team identified two primary tasks: Research/Teaching Professor titles and Enhanced Development Program for faculty and staff.
June/July 2021Monthly meetings set up and initiated with the implementation team leads (Tim Danielson, Mark Harris, Chia Vang)