Chancellor Mark Mone established the 2030+ Think Tank in Fall 2019 as a supplement to our strategic direction efforts examining how UWM can position itself for success in the year 2030 and beyond. The Think Tank included cross-campus representatives and examined UWM’s challenges and opportunities for the future. The group issued its recommendations in Spring 2020.

In Fall 2020, Chancellor Mone charged the 2030 Implementation Team with addressing the four priority actions outlined in the 2030+ Think Tank’s final report:

  1. Revise the undergraduate student experience and develop core competencies that make a UWM education distinctive;
  2. Make UWM radically welcoming and engaging for all;
  3. Review our school/college organizational structure and program array; and
  4. Advance research excellence.

The 2030 Implementation Team’s final report was issued in Spring 2021.

Starting in Spring 2021, the 2030 Action Team will address eight initiatives to advance the 2030 efforts. 

Leadership Structure

Leadership Structure Chart

Executive Sponsors

Mark Mone, Chancellor

Johannes Britz, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Robin Van Harpen, Vice Chancellor for Finance & Administrative Affairs

Support to Executive Sponsors

Sue Weslow, Chief of Staff

Steering Committee

Joan Nesbitt, Vice Chancellor for Development & Alumni Relations

Dave Clark, Vice Provost for Student Success

Kay Eilers, Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management

Kelly Haag, Chief Student Affairs Officer

Michelle Johnson, Interim Co-Lead of University Relations & Communications

Chia Vang, Interim Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer

2030 Action Team Co-Designees

Jennifer Haas, Director of the Archaeological Research Laboratory Center in the College of Letters & Science

Dev Venugopalan, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

2030 Action Team Special Assistants to the Chancellor and Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer (CDEIO)

Becky Freer, Associate Dean of Students

Wilkistar Otieno, Associate Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering in the College of Engineering & Applied Science

Implementation Teams

2030 Action Plan PriorityImplementation TeamImplementation Team Lead(s)
Becoming Student Centric /
Moon Shot For Equity
Becoming Student Centric /
Moon Shot For Equity
Dave Clark
Kay Eilers
Kelly Haag
Phyllis King
Chia Vang
Revising CurriculumRevising CurriculumScott Gronert
Increasing Diversity and InclusionIncreasing Diversity and InclusionChia Vang
Aligning and Engaging WorkforceAligning and Engaging WorkforceMark Harris
Chia Vang
Kathy Heath
Reassessing Unit AlignmentReassessing Unit AlignmentJohannes Britz
Redesigning the Research InfrastructureRedesigning the Research InfrastructureMark Harris
Updating the Budget ModelUpdating the Budget ModelDrew Knab
Growing EndowmentGrowing EndowmentJoan Nesbitt