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The WRC utilizes the UWM P.R.I.D.E. message to encourage students to engage fully within UWM community both on and off campus.


The WRC is a learning community. We support a culture of learning by sharing emotions, values, or beliefs and actively engaging in learning together and from each other, and by habituation.


Connect with any member of the WRC Team about volunteer opportunities. Connect with suggested individuals and organizations about issues you are interested in. Come visit us any time!


Take initiative in creating the experience you want from UWM. We have many volunteer opportunities in our office and in the campus community!


Think critically about your own goals for your undergraduate career. How can the Women’s Resource Center help you succeed? What leadership opportunities are you interested in exploring? How can you build your resume and CV for the job you want tomorrow?


Learn to appreciate this diverse city by immersing yourself in the unique opportunities available to you. Our center is connected to many valuable community organizations and resources!



I entered the Women’s Resource Center as an English Intern passionate about social justice with a personal emphasis on women’s rights. As a professional and technical writer I began organizing, editing and consolidating the center’s event documents from 1993 to present day! As an outsider to many of these past events, I entered a time-capsule of stories, testimonies, flyers and countless other documents. Where I stand presently I see things that are better than they were in the past, yet simultaneously I see how things can improve in the future. The ability to look back and see how and when milestones were achieved makes it clear that much of what I feel entitled to today was once absent and had to be fought for. The events, programs, workshops and resources the center provides from the Vagina Monologue performances to Sexual Assault Awareness month I truly feel women have a strong presence on campus that I would feel lost without.

— Amber Glembin, Summer 2014 Intern

As a graduate student and instructor, I have appreciated the support the Women’s Resource Center has provided to students in introductory Women’s and Gender Studies courses. The WRC has frequently agreed to classroom presentations and made students aware of resources that are available in the WRC and on campus to support the in their academic, emotional, and physical lives.

–Candice Williams, Women’s and Gender Studies Graduate Student

The WRC is my safehaven on campus!  Returning to Grad School later in my life was a big decision.  As I shared with my Cohort, I’ve been out of school so long and with all of the technological advances today, I had to re-learn how to learn!  Whenever I felt overwhelmed I would simply attend ‘Sister Talk’ on Wednesdays and/or ‘Coffee Talk’ on Fridays where it was safe to talk about anything.  The experience was always fun, uplifting and I would walk out empowered to take on the world!

–Karen Nelson, Executive MBA Student 2015-17

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