Sport Clubs Leadership Council (SCLC)

The Sport Clubs Leadership Council (SCLC) is the governing body of the Sport Clubs Program. The council works with the Sport Clubs Program Staff in shaping the future of the Sport Clubs program and assisting the administration, including disciplinary review and the evaluation of annual club budget request. All sport club members are eligible to run for a position on the SCLC (president, vice president, treasurer, and campus relations coordinator).

2017-2018 Executive Board

Austen Vail, President, Milwaukee Paintball Club

Ian Howden, Vice President-Outreach, Milwaukee Baseball Club

Quincy Drane, Treasurer, Milwaukee Bowling Club

Emma Weisensel, Milwaukee Women’s Lacrosse Club

Tessa Mallegni, Black Cat Ultimate Club

Cody Brumm, Milwaukee Hockey Club

Bobby Teel, Milwaukee Powerlifting Club

2018-2019 Executive Board

Bobby Teel, President, Milwaukee Powerlifting Club

Tessa Mallegni, Vice President-Outreach, Black Cat Ultimate Club

Ilya Kats, Treasurer, Milwaukee Bowling Club

Austen Vail, Milwaukee Paintball Club

Nolan Fink, Milwaukee Water Ski Club

 Kaitlyn Kurudza – Milwaukee Women’s Basketball Club

Michael Vasarella – Milwaukee Hockey Club


2017-2018 General Body Meeting Schedule

All meetings will be held in the Klotsche Center Classrooms, starting promptly at 7pm. Agendas are linked to the corresponding date as they are created.

Fall Semester (2017)

September 6th

October 4th

November 1st

December 6th

Spring Semester (2018)

February 7th

March 7th

April 4th

May 2nd