Race to Spring Break

MKE to MIA: Race to Spring Break

Make the trip from Milwaukee to Miami with a group of friends! Participants can bike, run, walk, row, and Group X their way to the destination. Teams will record their activity weekly. Every activity is recorded mile for mile and every Group X class is allotted a certain number of miles. The teams’ miles will be added together weekly.

 1,500 miles to your destination, are you in?

Read the Participation Guidelines & Register for Race to Spring Break Below!

Jan 30 – March 17, 2017

Participation & Registration Guidelines:
  • Start by forming a Team!
    • Must have at least 2 members and a Max of 5 members.
  • Designate a Team Captain who is responsible for registering their team.
  • Team Captain must register using the form below and will provide:
    • Their personal contact information (email, phone)
      • This information will be used to contact the team if they are selected to be team of the week and/or if they win a prize
    • The team name and team hashtag
      • Team hashtag = #teamname
    • Name of each team member along with their email address
  • Teams must be active weekly in order to stay in the Race.
    • In order for a team to be eligible to be selected as team of the week/ and or win a prize, they must record a minimum of ___ miles per week.
Acquiring & Recording Miles:
  • Participants can bike, run, walk, and row their way to Miami.
    • Every mile of activity is recorded – mile for mile
    • Walking can be recorded in steps or miles
      • 2,000 steps = 1 mile
    • Group X Classes also count towards the number of total miles.
      • 30 Minute Class = 6 miles
      • 45 Minute Class = 8 miles
      • 60 Minute Class = 10 miles
  • Team members can record their miles in four different ways
    • Cardio Room Miles Binder
      • The desk in the cardio room will have a binder with team record keeping sheets. Find your team’s record sheet and write in the team member’s name, activity completed, and miles completed.
    • Group X Miles Binder
      • A stand in front of the equipment room will have a binder with team record keeping sheets. Find your team’s record sheet and write in the team member’s name and Group X class completed. Ask an instructor or UREC staff member for more information if needed.
    • Social Media Post
      • Create a post describing the activity that you’ve completed and include your team hashtag (#teamname) and #uwmurec
    • Online
      • Follow this link. Enter your name, activity, and miles, and submit.
  • Miles must be recorded by the Sunday following each week so that they can be totaled by UREC staff. Miles that are not recorded by the end of the week will not count towards future miles.
Track Team Standings!:
  • Follow @uwmurec on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Check out the bulletin board near the UREC Information center as you walk in.
  • On this page!



Race to Spring Break Registration

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