January 30, 2018

Chair O’Connor reported on ongoing work in the governance working group for the 2-year college restructuring. He shared several emerging questions that arose from the group’s review of the UWM Policies & Procedures. Tim Danielson presented the UC with a faculty compensation analysis.

January 23, 2018

Academic Staff Committee chair Sue Cashin attended to discuss academic staff questions related to the proportion of academic staff with probationary and indefinite status and graduate faculty status. Chair O’Connor updated on the 2-year college restructuring; O’Connor is beginning to outline the document to create a school or college and noted that the creation of the governance documents will be a joint effort between the UC, the administration, and the restructuring working groups.


January 16, 2018

Chair O’Connor attended a UW-Waukesha meeting today with the Provost to share information about UW-Milwaukee with the Waukesha faculty. Provost Britz attended the UC and provided updates about the UWW and UWWC restructuring efforts. There was a review and discussion of the operating and accountability procedures of the University Committee.

January 9, 2018

The University Committee welcomed Dr. Kathleen Dolan to the committee. The chair and committee members gave multiple updates on developments since the last UC meeting such as communications from UW-System related to the 2-year colleges. UC members who visited UW-WC and UW-Waukesha in December gave summaries of those visits. Chancellor Mone provided a status update on the 2-year college joining process and noted that the working groups have begun their work. Updates on the Dean searches were provided.

December 12, 2017

The Chancellor met with the UC to discuss several items. There have recently been two listening sessions held related to the joining of the Washington County and Waukesha colleges to UWM. A UC member will attend joint meetings, to be held this week and next, at the two UW-College campuses. Fundraising efforts for the capital campaign are progressing well. The status of the performance based funding initiative was discussed. The UC formally acknowledged the many contributions made over the past 46 years of service by retiring UC member Dr. Swarnjit Arora, and the UC wishes him well on his retirement. Please note that the UC will not meet over the semester break. The next UC meeting will be 1/9/18. On behalf of the UWM University Committee, we wish the faculty, staff and students of UW-Milwaukee a safe and happy New Year.

December 5, 2017

Chair O’Connor met last week with faculty representatives of the two-year colleges to discuss faculty governance structures for structuring how these institutions will join UWM. The Provost noted updates to the dean searches, the status of pressing issues on the forefront of the two-year colleges joining with UWM, and discussed setting up a joint meeting in spring between the deans and the University Committee to explore shared governance in a time of change. Associate Vice Chancellor Dev Venugopalan discussed the differences between a branch campus and additional location in relation to the Higher Learning Commission – a decision that will influence the eventual structure of governance and operations. Questions on operationalizing the pay plan exercise for solid performer and merit were discussed. Refinements to policy S-47 continued to be discussed.

November 21, 2017

Representatives from Equity and Diversity Services (EDS) and UWM legal affairs attended to deliberate on drafted changes to policy No. S-47 and No. S-47.5 There will be no meeting of the University Committee on November 28th, because the committee will be having its annual meeting with the Journal Sentinel editorial board next week. The UC will resume meeting December 5th.

November 14, 2017

The University Committee (UC) chair attended and reported on the UW Regents meeting last week. Chancellor Mone attended the meeting and primarily discussed the status and process of UW-WC and UW-Waukesha with UWM. Members of the UC will be attending on-site meetings with both campuses in December. The UC will be canceling the 11/28 meeting in order for the UC to meet with the editorial board of the Journal Sentinel 

November 7, 2017

The Chair will be going to the UW-Colleges senate meeting on Dec 1st and the Regents meeting this Thursday. Provost Britz discussed distributing the pay plan memo to campus, likely this week. Provost Britz meets tomorrow with UWS provosts to discuss the UW-Colleges proposal. Sue Cashin, chair of the UWM Academic Staff Committee shared the concerns of the Academic Staff regarding the joining of UW-Waukesha and UW-West Bend with UWM. The resolution passed by UW-Whitewater senate calling for a blue ribbon study of the UW-Colleges dismantling was endorsed by the University Committee on behalf of the UWM Senate. Chair O’Connor will transmit this to the Board of Regents ahead of Thursday’s Regents meeting.  

October 31, 2017

The Provost and Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources Tim Danielson discussed the pay plan with the UC. The splits between solid performer and merit between the original proposed by administration, the version revised by the UC, and the version proposed by the Economic Benefits Committee was debated. The Provost stayed on to continue discussion about the proposal and plan for UW-Washington County and UW-Waukesha campuses noting that an appointment will be made to the steering committee in the near future to represent UWM on that committeeDiscussion continued after the Provost departed