UPASS Deactivation and Summer Use

The Spring UPASS will deactivate on Saturday, May 20. Here’s what to do for summer use: Students paying segregated fees for courses taken over the summer period will have the UPASS remain active automatically throughout the summer. This will continue through Aug. 20. Students not paying segregated fees for the summer are not eligible for the UPASS to remain active automatically. If interested in activating a UPASS during the summer, students will need to pay the associated portion of segregated fees for summer use. Also, students seeking to pay the associated portion of segregated fees for summer use of the UPASS will need to have paid segregated fees or will pay segregated fees for the spring and fall semesters in the same year of the summer UPASS session in question. The associated charge for purchasing the UPASS, as long as a student meets the previously described criteria, is $22.55. This purchase may be made at the UWM Transportation Services office in the UWM Student Union WG25. Additional information is available on the Transportation Services website, uwm.edu/parking/students/student-transit. This image is a quick reference for use as well, UPASS-Deactivation If you have any questions, contact Transportation Services at uwmpark@uwm.edu.