Transportation Services Handbook

For those who move on the UWM campus or affiliated UWM facilities, the Transportation Services office has services and technology developed to make movement via personal car, bike, or public transit as convenient as possible within the constraints imposed by demand, cost, and space.

The Transportation Services Handbook provides information regarding many of the Transportation Services policies and services.

Transportation Services Regulations

It is the responsibility of the motor vehicle operator to be aware of UWM parking regulations and to find legal parking space. Lack of legal space is not considered a valid excuse for parking illegally.

More information at Regulations page uwm.edu/transportation/regulations/

Transportation Services Spring 2015 Study

In 2013, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) Department of Transportation Services, the UWM Physical Environmental Committee (PEC), the UWM Transportation Services subcommittee, and a consultant team led by Nelson\Nygaard, embarked on a comprehensive review of all aspects of the campus transportation and parking system.

More information at Transportation Services Study page.