Graduate Certificate in Translation

The Graduate Certificate in Translation is designed for those who have earned an undergraduate degree, have either significant industry experience or post-graduate degrees, and are interested in careers in the language-services industry. The Graduate Certificate can be completed in English to Spanish, or Arabic, French, German, Russian or Spanish to English.

Gainful Employment Disclosure

The Graduate Certificate in Translation is subject to gainful employment regulations.

See: Gainful Employment Certificate Disclosure Information.


Total Credits Required

21 credits

Select Language Pair (6 credits)
  • TRNSLTN xxx - Introduction to Translation in your language pair
  • TRNSLTN xxx - Advanced Seminar in Translation in your language pair
Required Courses (12 credits)
  • TRNSLTN 709 – Literary & Cultural Translation
  • TRNSLTN 710 – Comparative Systems
  • TRNSLTN 726 – Computer Assisted Translation
  • TRNSLTN 730 – Internship in Translation/Interpreting
Electives (3 credits)

List is not exhaustive

  • TRNSLTN 530 – Business & Professional Aspects of Translation
  • TRNSLTN 700 – Consecutive Interpreting
  • TRNSLTN 711 – Ethics & Procedures in Interpreting
  • TRNSLTN 727 – Project Management in Translation
  • TRNSLTN 728 – Editing for the Translation Industry
  • Approved course in your area of specialization (can be offered by a unit other than Translation & Interpreting Studies)

GPA Requirements

Students must earn a B or better to pass graduate-level courses. Graduate School requires a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 for the award of a Graduate Certificate.