webiconPrinting in the Campus Computer Labs, the UWM Libraries, and a number of departmental computer labs is provided through a campus service called pantherPRINT. Print jobs are sent from workstations in these labs or your computer to a print release station, where jobs are released and paid for using a pantherPRINT card.

pantherPRINT cards may be purchased at card dispensers located in the Campus Computer Labs and the UWM Libraries. The pantherPRINT fee for Black and White printing as of 06/22/2015 is $.07 (seven cents) per sheet of paper (resulting in $.035 per page duplex / double sided).  Color printing costs $.50 (fifty cents) per sheet of paper (resulting in $.25 per page duplex / double sided).  Most workstations have printing defaults set to Black and White duplex to reduce costs for the user.

Download pdf for step-by-step instructions about using pantherPRINT.

pantherPRINT Locations

Campus Computer Labs

  • Bolton 225*
  • NWQB 1480*
  • Union W199*
  • Union Second Floor*

Residence Halls

  • Sandburg Residence Halls*
  • Cambridge Commons*
  • RiverView Residence Hall*
  • Kenilworth Square Apartments*

UWM Libraries

  • West Wing Main Floor Lobby*
  • West Wing Media and Reserve*

Departmental Labs

  • Cunningham 317*
  • Architecture 150, 194, and 361 (Architecture students only)
  • Enderis 740 and 1040
  • EMS E256, E270, E285, and E384* (CEAS students only)
  • Lubar N234A, B, C (SBA students only)
  • Various L&S labs across campus (L&S students only)
  • Great Lakes Research Facility*

* Print to a pantherPRINT printer from your computer in those locations.

Getting a pantherPRINT Card

Print cards can be purchased for $1.00 from all dispensers, there will be $1.00 already on the card.  They are reusable and refillable, and the totals can be consolidated if you have multiple cards.  pantherPRINT card dispensers are located at the following sites:

UWM Libraries

  • West Wing Main Floor Lobby (2 locations)
  • West Wing Lower Level outside Media and Reserve

Campus Computer Labs

  • Sandburg Residence Halls
  • Bolton 225
  • NWQB 1480
  • Union W199


  • Cunningham 395
  • EMS first floor hallway near the Grind
  • Architecture 150
  • Cambridge Residence Halls
  • Lubar N234

Please contact the UWM Help Desk at 414-229-4040, or use the online form at gettechhelp.uwm.edu for refunds due to invalid cards or for the consolidation of cards.

For more details about how the program operates, see the FAQs