Program Requirements

Credits and Courses

Students must complete 15 credits of course work as outlined below. The Certificate will be awarded when students achieve the following:

  • complete 9 credits from a choice of English/Professional Writing courses
  • complete 6 credits from a choice of courses in Communication; and
  • earn a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in the courses that apply to the Certificate.

Students should plan to take courses in both Professional Writing and Communication. It is a requirement to obtain pre-approval from the Certificate Coordinator for each course the student wants to count toward the Certificate. In some cases, the Coordinator will allow a student with a writing emphasis to take all their courses in Professional Writing.

With the consent of the Certificate Coordinator and subject to the Graduate School transfer policy, students who have completed appropriate courses for graduate credit at other institutions may transfer credits into the Certificate Program, provided that the courses were completed within the last five years with a grade of B or better.

Required Courses in English, 9 credits

Students will take 9 credits selected from the following required English courses:

  • English 708 – Advanced Professional Writing
    English 435 – Professional Writing
  • English 709 – Rhetoric, Writing, and Information Technology
    English 436 – Writing for Information Technology
  • English 710 – Advanced Project Management for Professional Writers
    English 444 – Technical Editing

Students who within the past five years have successfully completed courses equivalent to these required English courses may, with the approval of the Certificate Coordinator, substitute alternate English graduate courses.

Required Courses in Communication, 6 credits

Students, in consultation with the Certificate Coordinator, will take 6 credits selected from the following Communication Courses:

  • Commun 627 – Designing and Developing Communication Training Interventions
  • Commun 810 – Studies of Communication in Organizations
  • Commun 813 – Seminar in Mediated Communication
  • Commun 823 – Seminar in Small Group Communication
  • Commun 827 – Seminar in Programs of Adult Communication

Students who intend to enroll in both the Certificate program and a graduate degree program must apply for admission to both the Certificate program and to the graduate degree program of their choice. With the approval of the graduate coordinator of the student’s graduate program, up to six credits completed in the Certificate also may satisfy graduate program requirements.

Students not concurrently enrolled in a UWM graduate degree program later may transfer credits completed in the Certificate to a UWM graduate degree program, subject to Graduate School transfer policy and subject to the guidelines and approval of the graduate coordinator of the respective degree program.

Time Limit

A student must complete all requirements for the Certificate within 3 years of his/her initial enrollment.