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A TCARE® Training has been scheduled for Thursday, August 18th in Milwaukee, WI. If you are interested in becoming trained or learn more about TCARE®, please click on ‘Contact Us’ to the right and send us an email or call 414-899-4324!

We Know Caregiving.

The Tailored Caregiver Assessment and Referral® (TCARE®) System is an award winning program specifically designed to support family members who are providing care for relatives who need assistance due to illness or disabilities. Caring for an ill parent, spouse, partner or friend involves much more than physical and emotional support. Caregiving is a life-changing experience that can be both gratifying and stressful. TCARE® is an evidence-based approach that offers providers an affordable program to support family members as they provide care to their loved ones.

The comprehensive TCARE® system includes; web-based software, standardized assessment tools, decision algorithms, and a training program for professionals who work with family caregivers. TCARE® enables consistent, accurate screening and assessment of caregiver needs; uses scientifically-based decision algorithms to target services to specific identified needs; and fosters informed client choice and person-centered care.

TCARE® is based on 35 years of research by Dr. Rhonda JV Montgomery, an internationally renowned researcher in the field of caregiving and Professor Emerita at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. TCARE® has also been recognized as an evidenced-based program by the US Administration on Community Living.

TCARE® has been proven through randomized and longitudinal studies to reduce caregiver stress and clinical depression and increase the positive feelings caregivers have about caregiving. Longitudinal studies have also linked TCARE® with delay of out-of-home placement of the care recipients. These benefits can also translate into reduced length of hospitals stays and lower health care costs, as TCARE® enables caregivers to continue as primary providers of daily care for persons with chronic conditions.

TCARE® has been implemented in 17 States, by over 275 state and local social service organizations and 10 military installations. TCARE® has improved the lives of 20,000+ caregivers thus far and we continue to grow.

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