Become an Orientation Leader

Applications are now closed for Summer 2018

Why be an OL?
Who should be an OL?
Job Description
Benefits and Compensation
How Do I Apply?
Hiring Timeline and Process

Why be an OL?

Connect new students to UWM and other students during Orientation programs.
Contribute a sense of UWM community, pride, spirit and tradition.
Provide student perspective and leadership in shaping UWM campus initiatives.
Represent the best of UWM at UWM sponsored activities and functions.
Make a positive and lasting difference for new students in the UWM community.
Develop great leadership and résumé-building skills in the process.
Make lifelong friends with your staff and teammates and participate in staff traditions.
Work for a great set of supervisors who care about you!

Who should be an OL?

Especially positive, enthusiastic, school spirited and motivated students are encouraged to apply.

We want a diverse staff so all students from all majors will be given consideration.

Job Description

  • Welcoming and acclimating new students and their families to the campus during Orientation programs
  • Lead small group discussions and campus resource/classroom tours
  • Assist students with the PAWS registration system
  • Work on a diverse and energetic team of student leaders
  • Use problem solving skills in a fast paced and exciting environment
  • Implement evening activities to help students connect to each other
  • Communicate with students prior to and after programs


  • A minimum 2.5 GPA.
  • You must be a full-time student.
  • Must be enrolled for the next fall term before the start of the summer.

Behavior/Conduct records in University Housing and the Dean of Students Office will be checked when making hiring decisions. These records may or may not affect the final hiring decision.

Required Dates:

Spring Class:
Enroll in our 2-credit Ed Psych Class: Tuesdays from 4-6pm. You must adjust your schedule to accommodate this class. If you have concerns about fitting this in your schedule, please let us know!

Program dates:
May 29 – June 8 Training and Preparation
14 2-day NSO programs and 5 TASO programs throughout June, July and early August. One weekend commitment. You will be off for most of Summerfest and 4th of July. A calendar will be provided at the time of hiring.

It is not feasible to take a class during the first summer term with this position.

*This position has a required live-in component from late May until early August.*

Benefits and Compensation

  • Free housing in Riverview for the summer
  • Stipend of $3100
  • Select meals provided during programs
  • Uniforms provided (Staff polos, nametags, etc.)

How Do I Apply?:

  • Fill out and submit the application (Applications now closed for 2018)
  • Submit 1 Recommendation form
  • Check your email regularly for updates

Tips to help you succeed during the process:

  • Get involved on campus
    • Involvement will help you understand the resources available for students, which is asked in the interview
  • Look the part
    • You are expected to dress up for your interview (business casual)
    • Check out CPARC’s Career Closet in Mellencamp 128 to pick up some FREE professional clothing for your interview!
  • Talk to your UWM OL about their experiences
    • They can tell you what they did to be successful in the position
  • Have a positive attitude
    • Talk about why you want to help others and why you love UWM – you’ll be great!
  • Be yourself
    • We love all personalities and experiences, so let us see who you are. That will help us determine the best fit for our team!

Hiring Timeline and Process:

Round 1: Applications available: September 22-October 25
Recommendations due: October 25
Round 2: If you qualify, you will be invited for a 30 minute Individual Interview: October 30-November 1
Round 3: The final round will be an invitation to participate in Group Interviews: November 9-10
Final Decisions will be sent via email: November 17
Accept Deadline: November 27
First All Staff Meeting: Sunday, December 4

If you are interested in applying for an OL position, but are also considering a summer internship or summer class, note your summer plans in the Other Comments section of the application.

If you have any questions or concerns about the commitment required for the Orientation Leader position, please contact the Orientation Office at 414-229-5842 or