Become an Orientation Leader

Position Description:

Orientation Leaders (OL) engage and welcome new students and their families at the New Student Orientation (NSO) and Transfer and Adult Student Orientation (TASO) programs during the summer months. As an OL, you will lead groups of new students through the program, give tours, implement evening social activities, and help students register for classes during our Orientation Programs. Especially positive, enthusiastic, school spirited and motivated students are encouraged to apply.

Position Requirements:

This position requires a minimum 2.5 GPA. You must be a full-time student to apply. Behavior/Conduct records in University Housing and the Dean of Students Office will be checked when making hiring decisions. These records may or may not impact the final hiring decision.

Stipend and Benefits:

  • OLs receive a $3,100 Summer Stipend
  • 1 room in a shared RiverView suite from Early June-Early August
  • 1 credit course for the Leadership Class in the Spring
  • Panther Swag!
  • Lifelong friends


  • 6 week leadership training class (for credit) in the 2nd half of the Spring Semester
  • 2 week training in early June
  • Must be available for ALL summer Orientation Programs (Program Calendar provided during application process)


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