All registered Student Organizations have a portal in PantheSync and each portal comes with a website builder, public URL, and website hosting to help increase online visibility for the organization. The organization’s website is easy to setup and updates automatically as you add content in PantherSync. To access the website builder, select “Website” along your organization portal’s top menu. The website has a pre-set template which can be edited using word processor type tools. If the organization has access to someone with HTML training, the template can be overwritten and the page can be customized as the organization wishes within the limits stated below.

Student organizations wishing to create Home Pages to be linked to the UWM Home Pages on the World Wide Web (WWW) must comply with the following policies and procedures:

All such pages must reside in a UWM-based site, on the main campus web server. For student organizations, the group area is where “xxx” is the group account name. Pages outside this area do not qualify to be linked to from the UWM home pages. University Information Technology Services (UITS) can provide organizations registered with Student Involvement a group account for home pages purposes. See instructions on setting up a groups account.

All student organization home pages prepared by and for the students of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee shall disclaim speaking for the University by including the following disclaimer at the beginning of the pages and/or opening screen display:

“The (student organization name) home page is written and edited by students of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and they are solely responsible for its editorial policy and content. The University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee is not liable for debts incurred by the student organization.”

Any link on a student organization home page that takes a user out of the UWM system must be clearly labeled or a warning message must be displayed notifying the user that they are leaving the UWM student organization web area.

All pages by student organizations must include the official name of the organization on the opening page and shall not identify the pages as official pages of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The University’s name may appear at the end of the organization’s, as in “XYZ Club at UWM”. You may use the University Logo only for links directing users to the UWM home page.

Information on the group’s pages must be consistent with the University’s role as a not for profit institution. In addition, information on the organization’s pages must comply with all applicable laws and statutes. Web pages may not include any paid external advertising, including commercial banner displays. Clubs may recognize and display a sponsor’s logo, but they shall not be linked to the sponsor’s commercial web site.

Web pages should be equally accessible to all persons, including those with disabilities, either physical or technical. Images should always include an appropriate ALT field that conveys the same information as the image. Create documents that do not rely on one type of hardware. Pages should be usable by people without mice, with small screens, low resolution screens, black and white screens, no screens, with only voice or text output, etc.
(For more information on accessible web design see:

The contents of documents and pages must not violate any applicable export laws and regulations, must not constitute a copyright or trademark infringement, or otherwise violate any local, state or federal laws.

Every web page should provide a means to contact the page maintainer, such as a “MAILTO” link in the footer.

Every web page should include in the page footer the date the page was last updated.

Policy approved 1996, updated 1999 (See also Computer Policy and Guidelines, Copyrights and Software)