Sociocultural Programs


“I can see myself in all things and all people around me.” ~ Sanskrit Phrase

Welcome to the Sociocultural Programming community here at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee! Like many other Student Involvement programs, Sociocultural Programming strives to help students learn, connect, and become leaders here on campus. However, Sociocultural Programming dares you to dig deeper than the typical college student. We challenge you to explore the many layers of yourself while getting to know others, on campus and around the world.

Our mission is to provide events and activities for the campus and community designed to increase awareness and understanding of diverse identities, social justice and urban issues. Our programming explores and celebrates differences and commonalities related to race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, spirituality, cognitive and physical ability, socioeconomic status and more. Here, we push you to become more than great. Whether it be using the power of your voice at Lyrical Sanctuary, meeting new folks at International Coffee Hour, or just simply sharing a space with us, we invite you to attend as many of our events as possible!

According to the dictionary, Sociocultural is defined as “combining social and cultural factors.” However, if you ask many University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee students (and community members!), you’ll get a wide range of answers! Check out a few of them below!

It’s tremendously valuable to have this type of programming. Knowing that the university places a high level of importance on these issues makes me feel comfortable as a person of color.

– Sociocultural Student Advisory Council Member

While attending UWM, I’ve been asked, ‘Why did you choose this university to further your learning?’ Well, it’s all because of Lyrical Sanctuary. It’s the first event I’d ever attended while not being an actual student at the University. I was brought by a friend and my whole time there was memorable. There was so much diversity and culture that I couldn’t help but enjoy my time there. I was also daring and even decided to perform myself. The night ended with me feeling inspired and leaving with a free shirt. And so, because of that experience, it led me to actually enroll at UWM, and become not only successful in my academics, but also take a role in becoming more active in my school.

– Christofer Spencer, UWM student

As a Youth Engagement Specialist at Our Next Generation, it is important that our center supports the needs of students by helping them to see the world as a learning environment. [By attending] Sociocultural Programs at UWM, we have created an expectation to continue education beyond a high school diploma, generate a social conscious around community and diversity being beyond what the eye can see, and share an appreciation of cultures with our students with near-peer relationships/engagements.

– Alea Cross, Community Member