Film Series

“The screen is a magic medium. It has such power that it can retain interest as it conveys emotions and moods that no other art form can hope to tackle.” – Stanley Kubrick

Here at the Union Cinema, our film series and festivals compose the identity of who we are. Everybody has different tastes and for each of those tastes we have a series and festival to satisfy. Every one of our films falls into a category, sometimes many categories, and it is with these categories we strive to help you find the film flavor that is just right for you.

Please note that any of our foreign films will be in their native language with English subtitles

Experimental Tuesdays

Re-evaluating cinematic conventions and exploring new styles of film-making, experimental films seek to change the narrative experience in unique new ways.

Often blending with other art forms including song, dance, paint, performance, Experimental Tuesdays are a weekly highlight of experimental art pieces both old and new.

Independent Cinema

Many people have heard of an “indie” film before, but not many know what an independent film really is. Given their name for being commonly produced independent of a major studio, independent films often lack the monstrous budget many Hollywood blockbusters boast nowadays. In exchange however, by being independent of a major studio with a large financial investment, independent filmmakers often have greater freedom to create something unique to their vision, as opposed to the more cautious approach large budget pictures require in order to ensure a return on investment. Some of the greatest genre defining films began as independent films, including Paranormal Activity, The Terminator, Pulp Fiction, Boyhood, The Blair Witch Project, Star Wars, The Evil Dead, and so many more.

Independent Cinema strives to bring new and aspiring independent films to the UWM and Milwaukee communities alike.

Documentary Frontiers

Through the cinematic art of non-fiction, documentary film-making seeks to explore reality through the lens of the motion picture camera. Often capturing history in motion or informing the uninformed, documentary films offer a highlight into new and exciting worlds through the window of the silver screen.

Documentary Frontiers offer the widest possible variety of non-fiction possible, covering topics from all angles to inform and grow the already enormous wealth of knowledge the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee has to offer.

International Cinema

When it comes to global appeal there is no denying that America has the largest film industry in the world, but the shape of the film industry is continually shifting as international film industries continue to expand.

International Cinema works hard to bring this international industry to the Milwaukee community, offering films from around the world in one of the only venues in the greater Milwaukee area where they are likely to be seen on the big screen. We are honored to premiere many films from around the world in Milwaukee for the first time.

Cinema Classics

From Thomas Edison’s Kinetoscope to the Lumière brothers Cinematograph, motion pictures have existed for over a century, evolving and shaping as new technology has formed. It is this past century’s body of work that Cinema Classics brings to the Union Cinema.

A series of films from across the world and over decades past, Cinema Classics brings a collection of films (many in their original formats) back to the big screen once again in all of their glory.

Locally Grown

We pride ourselves on being one of Milwaukee’s premiere venues for many types of films from around the globe, but it is the films from local filmmakers that we take the most pride in. Our local UWM and Milwaukee filmmakers have access to one of the country’s finest film programs in the UWM Department of Film, Video, Animation, and New Genres.

Here at the Union Cinema our Locally Grown series features films from all branches of genres and film-making styles. Together with one of the most diverse communities in America, local filmmakers create truly amazing works of art, and it is our honor to be able to screen them for you here at the Union Cinema.

Share the Earth Environmental Film Series

The planet we live on has been around long before we ever got here and we want to make sure that we can leave it in the same or better shape than we inherited it. Here at the Union Cinema we take environmental issues very seriously, and it is one of our goals to be as environmentally conscious and environmentally supportive as possible.

This is the embodying idea behind the Share the Earth Environmental Film Series, a monthly film series focused on the environment, the world community, and our behavior as a whole species.

Annual African American Film Series

Presented by the UWM Sociocultural programming, the Annual African American Film Series features a series of films spanning the entire month of February is honor of Black History month.

Encouraging our continued growth as a society, honoring how far we have come as a culture, and paying tribute to the visionaries who have helped us reach where we have today, the Annual African American Film Series features films from all walks of life focused on topics of diversity still very relevant in modern life.

Annual Latin American Film Series

The most urbanized region is the world, Latin America produces some of the finest international films that exist today. It is the mission of the Annual Latin American Film Series, to present some of these great films to the Milwaukee community, covering as broad a range of genres as possible.

Featuring multiple sub-titled languages and some of the most diverse culture on the planet, the Annual Latin American Film Series brings the best of the right to Milwaukee’s doorstep. Presented by the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies.

Horror Week

When it comes to emotions created by art, almost no art form is more effective that the horror movie. Creating both laughter and fear dating back to the beginning years of film, horror movies are best enjoyed in a crowded cinema with your friends. It is the entertainment we seek to bring every year with Horror Week.

Occurring every year around Halloween, the Union Cinema is proud to showcase horror movies from over the years, from past to modern, all in an effort to recreate those feelings of terror and excitement we know and love. We all have that horror movie that left us with chills, Horror Week is your chance to relive it up on the big screen once again.