**All Union Art Gallery exhibitions are FREE and open to the public**

Fred Stonehouse: The Language of Memory

August 24 – September 15

Closing Reception: September 15, 5-8pm / Artist Talk at 7pm

This solo exhibition presents a group of paintings and works on paper by Fred Stonehouse that are full of characters who are all attempting to communicate and wanting to connect. Through them, this exhibition, The Language of Memory, explores the idea of history and how it is understood through memory, the ways in which we recall events and how we express them in language. Join us for this exciting exhibition of work by UWM Alumnus Fred Stonehouse.

Exhibiting Artists: Fred Stonehouse


Voces de Resistencia: Contemporary Latinx Artists

September 22 – October 13

Opening Reception: September 22, 5-8pm / Artist Talk at 7pm

Art has the power to confront, challenge, and converse with the political world around us. Throughout time, artwork has been used as an activist platform, as way to express opinion, support, and opposition. Voces de Resistencia: Contemporary Latinx Activist Artists showcases work by local and national Latinx artists who have created artwork in response to politics, social movements, immigration, borders, and cultural identity. Join us in the celebration of these national and local activist artists and the powerful messages their work conveys.

El arte tiene el poder de confrontar, desafiar y conversar con el mundo político que nos rodea. A través del tiempo, arte se ha utilizado como una plataforma activista, como una manera de expresar la opinión, apoyo, y oposición. Voces de Resistencia: Artistas Latinx Activistas Contemporáneos muestra obras de artistas locales y nacionales Latinx que han creado obras de arte en respuesta a la política, los movimientos sociales, la inmigración, fronteras y la identidad cultural. Únase con nosotrxs en la celebración de estxs artistas activistas nacionales y locales y los mensajes poderosos que transmiten en su trabajo.

Exhibiting Artists: Jesus and Melanie Cervantes of Dignidad Rebelde, Voces de los Artistas (featuring work by Jeanette Arellano, Claudio Marinez, and other Milwaukee-based artists in the Voces de la Frontera art affinity group), Isa Cortes, and the Young People’s Resistance Committee (YPRC) / El Comité de Resistencia Juvenil – el comité de propaganda de YPRC.


Crossing Over

October 19 – November 10

Opening Reception: Thursday, October 19, 5-8pm / Remarks at 7pm

Crossing Over showcases work created by undergraduate students of the UWM Peck School of the Arts Department of Art and Design who received scholarship and fellowship awards in 2016. This exciting annual event includes the exceptional artwork produced by these emerging artists in a wide range of mediums and covering a variety of topics. Please join us in celebrating these outstanding artists.



A Road Traveled: Photographic Explorations of our Modern World

November 17 – December 14

Opening Reception: November 17, 5-8pm / Artist Talk with Jon Horvath, Nate Larson, and Joseph Mougel at 7pm

In contemporary times, technology has largely influenced how we communicate and navigate the world around us. Art reflects these changes as well and beyond that, it can be a way to express and understand the human experience in this new world.

This three person exhibition explores some of these ideas through various different photographic and technological processes. Jon Horvath’s Passages combines literature, gps technology, and photography to navigate and map Jack Kerouac’s On the Road in the Wisconsin landscape. Nate Larson and Marni Shindelman travel to locations geotagged in Tweets across the nation, photographing what they find there to give new context and meaning to words shared on social media. Joseph Mougel’s work uses nineteenth century processes, historical photographs and google maps to create new landscapes and explore what it means to know a place and orient oneself in the world.

While different in their approach, each artist uses modern technology to create art that investigates the human experience, mapping journeys in our modern technological world.

Exhibiting Artists: Jon Horvath, Larson Shindelman, and Joseph Mougel