Drug & Alcohol Information

Substance use among college students impacts all aspects of University life, including student’s wellbeing, the educational environment, and the quality of life on campus and in the surrounding communities. In an ongoing effort to mitigate these high-risk behaviors, UWM has instituted a variety of alcohol and other drug abuse (AODA) prevention and intervention initiatives. Assessment and treatment services for students are offered on campus, and the University can also facilitate referrals to appropriate community resources for students or staff members who are experiencing problems related to their personal use of alcohol or other drugs.


The University of Wisconsin System and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee prohibit the unlawful possession, use, distribution, manufacture, or dispensing of illicit drugs and alcohol by students and employees on University property or as part of University activities.

UWM’s policies relating to alcohol and drugs are also enforced off-campus, including in the UWM neighborhoods, when reported to the Dean of Students Office. Nonacademic misconduct proceedings may occur when the Investigating Officer determines that a student’s behavior would constitute a serious criminal offense, may present a danger or threat to self or others, or demonstrates a pattern of behavior that seriously impairs the University’s ability to fulfill its mission.

If a student is arrested or cited for possession of alcohol or is found to have consumed alcohol in an illegal, unsafe and/or irresponsible manner, particularly on University property, the student is in violation of the University of Wisconsin System Code of Conduct (see nonacademic misconduct section). While one violation of this nature may result in a warning or reprimand, multiple violations or first violations with other dangerous behavior could result in disciplinary probation, suspension, or expulsion from the University. These more serious disciplinary sanctions are recorded on a student’s academic transcript.


The Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA) Prevention and Intervention Program at UW-Milwaukee represents a comprehensive approach to addressing substance use on campus. UWM aims to provide students with the information and skills necessary to make healthy and responsible decisions with regards to substance use so as to reduce the rates and negative impact of high-risk use. The campus offers the following services for individuals who are at risk for experiencing or causing issues as a result of their personal use of alcohol or other drugs:

  • e-Check Up to Go: Alcohol – An anonymous online alcohol assessment provides users with personalized feedback regarding their individual drinking patterns, experiences, and risk factors. Visit e-CHUG.uwm.edu.
  • Brief Alcohol and other Drug Screening and Intervention for College Students (BASICS) Levels I & II – BASICS offers students an opportunity to examine their use of alcohol or marijuana in a confidential and non-judgmental setting, and to consider strategies to reduce harmful consumption and associated risks. BASICS I includes a group discussion session and survey followed by an individual session during which students receive personalized feedback about their substance use and individual risk factors. BASICS II includes 2-3 individual sessions. BASICS I is a prerequisite and a foundation from which the student will further examine their use of and experiences with alcohol and/or marijuana within the context of personal goals and values. Students will be asked to commit to experiential learning activities and to debrief those experiences. In both programs, a menu of options about ways to reduce risks for harm will be explored. The programs do not provide a diagnosis of substance abuse or dependence. Efforts are made to connect students with additional on- or off-campus resources for additional support if indicated. For more information, visit uwm.edu/ace or contact the Norris Health Center Office of Health Promotion & Wellness at 414-229-3712 or aodresources@uwm.edu.
  • Evaluation and Treatment Services – The Counseling and Consultation Services Unit of Norris Health Center offers voluntary alcohol and other drug abuse evaluation and treatment services. These services include AODA assessments for students who have questions or concerns regarding their use of alcohol or other substances. For those students desiring treatment of an identified substance use problem, short-term weekly counseling sessions are also offered. For students whose substance abuse problems require intensive AODA services, referrals to community resources are provided. Norris does not offer medications designed specifically for drug detoxification or maintenance. Call Norris Health Center at 414-229-4716 to schedule an appointment.
  • Community Referrals – Norris Health Center staff can also provide information regarding off-campus support groups and other community resources and treatment providers. Some of these groups include:

 Alcoholics Anonymous Impact, Inc.
414-256-4808 (General)
414-773-0211 (for 24/7 info &referrals)

Marijuana Anonymous

Milwaukee County Crisis Line
414-257-7222 (24/7 hotline)


Narcotics Anonymous

Cocaine Anonymous