Advising and Referral

The foundation of the program rests on the on-going individual advising and academic counseling students receive from SSS staff. Advising is provided to help students focus and direct academic efforts towards their chosen area of interest as well as potential career goals. Along with the many other resources on campus, students will have a place to discuss options, opportunities and possibilities.

Cultural Events and Leadership Activities

Students are provided opportunities for leadership development and exposure to various cultural events. The SSS program brings students to leadership conferences*, such as the American Multicultural Student Leadership Conference (AMSLC) hosted by various University of Wisconsin campuses, (please click here).

*base on available resources

Financial Aid Assistance

Students are assisted in completing their financial aid during individual sessions. Financial Aid and scholarship informational sessions during the Summer Bridge Program provide students with information on the financial aid process, including SAP policies.

Through the Department of Education, eligible students can apply for SSS Supplemental Grant Aid* for additional financial support.

*see your advisor for eligibility requirements

Graduate School Preparation

SSS students are introduced research opportunities through the SSS Summer Bridge Program informational sessions as well as graduate related events; the McNair Scholars Program, the Annual National Ronald E. McNair Research Conference and Graduate Fair, (please click here) and the McNair/SSS Retreat sponsored by WAEOPP, (please click here).


SSS students are provided tutoring through the Panther Academic Support Services, (please click here).

SSS Summer Bridge Program

The SSS Summer Bridge Program is a program for entering first-year students which provides academic enrichment and preparation for their first semester experience. More importantly, along with developing a sense of community with SSS students and staff, the experience introduces students to UW-Milwaukee and what the university has to offer to promote academic, career and personal development. Informational sessions for on-campus employment are also a component of the program.