Read & Write Gold


Read and Write literacy software solutions for the Desktop to help struggling readers and writers, students with learning disabilities, and English Language Learners access the support tools they need at school, or home. Read and Write ensures every learner has the tools necessary to reach their potential, build confidence and independence, and succeed.

How to get the Software:
UWM faculty, staff and students can purchase Read & Write Gold for free from the SoftwareShop.

  • Home Use: UWM faculty, staff and students can get the home use version of Read and Write Gold from the SoftwareShop under the Home use category. Once you completed the order, an email will be sent to you containing a link to download the software.

Read & Write Gold FAQs:

  • Is the software avaliable on the Campus Computers Lab?

    Yes, Read and Write will be available on the Campus Computer Lab.