Recent MA Papers/Theses


Sequencing Success: The InterPlay of Opportunities, Resources, Tactics, and Framing in the Triumph of the Villas Del Sol Squatter Movement

Concerted Cultivation, Invisible Disability and Achievement

Extremism and Democracy: How Ideology Affects Forms of Political Participation

The Nonprofit Middleman


Self-Reports of Physical Activity: Do Different Methods of Data Collection Tell a Different Story?

Where Voting Intersects with Unconventional Political Participation: Types of Participants in the European Union

Finding Its Place: The Effect of Race on Drug Court Outcomes

Family Formations and Modern Costs: Does Parental Structure Influence Student Debt?

Comparing Mobilization in the Wisconsin and Ohio 2011 Anti-Collective Bargaining Bills Protests

The Communicative Body: An Examination of Body Consciousness Among the Deaf

Psychological Wellbeing in Older Adults: The Effects of Perceived Support and Negative Interaction with the Religious Congregation

Is Chivalry Still Present within the Sentencing of Female Offenders?

Social Network Diversity and the Educational Experiences of Biracial/Multicultural Students


Gender as a Social Determinant of Food Insecurity Among Women in Malawi

The Employability of Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans: An Examination of the Benefits of Veteran Service Utilization

Race, Ethnicity, and Cultural Competence: An Analysis of a Medical Textbook

Young Adults, Parents and Religiosity: An Examination of Prolonged Dependence and parental Influence over Religious Beliefs, Behaviors, and Affliciations of Young Adult Children

The Wild Hunt for Omnivores: Socioeconomic Stratification and Taste in Music

Intervention and Outcomes: The Impact of Upward Bound and Talent Search on Occupational Prestige

Spousal Strain and Caregiver Depression: Does the Marital Relationship influence the Association between Caregiving and Depression?

Anonymous’ and Wikileaks’ War Against Information Asymmetry

Can Social or Cultural Capital explain a Connection between Performing Arts Extracurricular Activities and Enhanced Student Outcomes?

The Effect of Racial Mismatch and Teacher Perceptions and Expectations on African American Male Student Achievement

The Effect of Studying Abroad on Racial/Ethnic Attitudes and Tolerance


Does Work-Related Information & Communication Technology Use Influence Employee Perceptions of Productivity and Distress?

A Case Study of Organizational Change: Girl Scouts and Factors Leading to Contention

Grandparent to the Rescue? Maternal Depression, Pre-School Aged Children, and the Co-Residence of a Grandparent

Finding Hidden Wells on Food Desert Islands: Racial Segregation, Poverty Concentration and Provisional Food Options

The Continuing Class Politics Debate: Three Models of Class Voting in the 2008 Presidential Election

A New Media Fueled Revolution:” U.S. Embassy Cables, Wikileaks, and the Tunisian Revolution

Interracial Dating and the Hmong Community: Internal Conflict and the “good” Hmong Woman

Assessing Identity Formation among Black-White Biracial People


The Role of Social Structure and Intensive Parenting Culture in Shaping Employed Parents’ Involvement: What Matters Most?

Acculturation, Aspirations, and Education Attainment Across Generations of Immigrants in the United States

Innocence and White Feminism: Unintentional Manifestations of Racism in Third Wave Blogs

A New Engagement with the Land: The Shinki Shunou Movement in Japan

Comparing Athlete’s and non-Athlete’s Attitudes on Cheating: Off the Field Application of the Win-at-all-Costs Ethics


Order and Equity: State Institutions and the Preclusion of Civil War Onset

Exploring the Relationships between Social Capital, Neighborhood Context and Health among Illinois Residents from Social Disorganization Perspectives

Complicated Connections, Queer and Muslim. A Case Study of the Production of Collective Identity through Discourse

The End of the Road: Boundaries in the Boundary Waters

None, One, or More than one Abortion? Important Factors in the Decision to Abort

Chasing the Florida Dream: Examining the Schooling Experiences of Puerto Rican Youth in a Large Comprehensive High School

Predictors of Parental Involvement in Children’s School Activities

A Pragmatic Contextual Content Analysis of Japanese Hentai

Are Gender and Race Important Factors Shaping the Structure and Consequences of Family Email Networks

Courting Color-Blind Racism: Using Perceptions of Equal Opportunity and the U.S. Court System to Measure the Prevalence of Color-Blind Ideology

The Effect of Sex on Sentencing Outcomes

Young Transgender Women’s Attitudes on Sexual Reassignment Surgery

The Influence of Friends on Changes in Educational Expectations between Eighth and Twelfth Grade

Issues of Satisfaction Impacting Hmong American College Freshman’s High Education Experience

Change in Marital Status and Change in Health Behaviors: The Mediating Agent of Self-Efficacy