Our program exposes graduate students to specialized training in both substance abuse and trauma counseling.

This program is designed for those looking for careers working with children, youth and young adults within the mental and behavioral health field. Professional development events sponsored by YOSAT give students opportunities to present program accomplishments to local mental and behavioral health care providers. YOSAT’s directors help students land post-graduate positions at relevant local agencies.

 MSW students accepted into the YOSAT Counseling Program receive a $10,000 fellowship over the course of two semesters.


  • Eligible MSW students must be in good standing at UWM with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better.
  • Students must be committed to programs serving youth with substance abuse and/or trauma counseling services.
  • History of academic success
  • Leadership qualities and potential
  • Writing ability

How to apply

  • Download YOSAT Application (PDF)
  • E-mail your resume, application, and statement of interest outlining your motivation, relevant past experience and future career vision in 250 words to yosat-msw@uwm.edu.

We encourage applicants to submit their application materials prior to enrollment in Field course SW 722.

The next round of reviews will be in October 2016; applications need to be received by September 1st to be included in this review. UWM transcripts and field placement applications will be reviewed by the selection committee as well.

YOSAT and the MSW program

Students in the YOSAT program take 9 additional academic credits beyond the MSW graduate requirement, equating to one (1) additional academic semester (see course plan example below). The program fellowship is meant to defray the cost of tuition fees. Along with the classroom requirements, students enrolled in the YOSAT Counseling Program complete a program-specific field placement in a select behavioral health clinic, outpatient treatment center or social service agency.

Course plan: Students in the YOSAT program complete a course plan that includes both the Substance Abuse Counseling Education program and the Trauma-Informed Care Graduate Certificate program.

Substance Abuse Counseling Education program: Prepares students to become certified Substance Abuse Counselors and Clinical Substance Abuse Counselors in the state of Wisconsin. Includes option to earn Substance Abuse Counselor-In-Training state certification prior to graduation.

Trauma-Informed Care Graduate Certificate program: Specialized training in the assessment and treatment of psychological trauma. Acquiring this certificate signals to prospective employers a special expertise in trauma-informed care.

Below is an example of a YOSAT Counseling Program course plan for an advanced standing MSW student:

Semester 1
SW711 Direct Practice I
SW722 Field
SW 774 Trauma Counseling I: Theory & Research
SW 793 Evaluation of Practice
Semester 2
SW811 Direct SW Practice II (Behavioral, Physical, & Mental Health section)
SW 821 Field (YOSAT)
SW 775 Trauma Counseling II: Diagnosis & Treatment
SW 820 Seminar in Alcoholism & the Family
SW 754 Child and Adolescent Psychopathology
Semester 3
SW 822 Field (YOSAT)
SW 820 Dual Diagnosis
SW 820 Seminar in SW Practice : Alcohol Use Disorders + SBIRT
SW 791 Alcohol & other Drug Abuse
Semester 4
SW 794 Evaluation of Programs
SW 851 Social Issue & Policy analysis (Behavioral, Physical, & Mental Health section)
SW 753 Adult Psychopathology
SW 791 New course