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Project Management

In cooperation with SCE’s Business and Management Department, we are pleased to announce an exciting opportunity for you as a Public Manager to participate in the Project Management Certificate at a discounted rate. We have added a special discount button on the individual offers. This discount is over 50% in most cases! For example, the first installment in the certificate program, Project Management Foundations, is being offered to you for just $315.

Project Management helps you understand the skills to successfully manage projects. No matter what your current position is, careful planning and execution is critical for successful outcomes of projects. In today’s busy work environment, with carefully scrutinized budgets and ever tightening deadlines, managing projects successfully is critical.

This certificate is a comprehensive program that gives you the skills to successfully manage projects.

For additional information visit sce-pm.uwm.edu.

Project Management Foundations

Tue.-Wed., Oct. 4-5

Thu.-Fri., Feb. 9-10, 2017

Thu.-Fri., Apr. 27-28, 2017

Mon.-Tue., June 12-13, 2017

Course available Sept. 6-Oct. 16

Project Management Foundations

Course available Sept. 6-Oct. 16