Professional Judicial Assistant Certificate

This certificate is offered as a part of the educational plan established by the Wisconsin Municipal Court Clerk’s Association. It provides professional development opportunities to statewide members of the Association. The Educational Committee seeks out new opportunities for the membership to continually increase knowledge through skill-based educational offerings.


Evolution of the Municipal Court In the State Of Wisconsin

Discuss Wisconsin’s municipal court system historic timeline. This session takes you from 1787’s passage of the northwest ordinance through 1889’s judicial authority split by creation of “police courts”. Discuss issues such as appointed versus elected judges and attorney versus non attorney judges.  Given the evolution of municipal court discuss your collective experience with the court and how you think the court will evolve in the future.

The Essentials of Organizational & Communication Skills to Improve Effectiveness

Learn how to approach conflict with win/win attitudes and achieve clarity on your position in a conflict – including parameters for satisfaction in negotiation. This session helps you understand others’ behavior patterns and positions in conflict.  Identify styles of negotiations and utilize communication techniques to diffuse emotions and get cooperation. Learn how to stand up for yourself, ask for what you want and be persistent in ways that are effective and respectful.

Gaining a Better Understanding of Traffic Law/City Ordinance Violations

This session explores traffic laws.  Discuss the municipal court’s authority to adopt traffic and other ordinances, speeding enforcement, failure to have vehicle under control, inattentive driving, OWI/OWS/OAR, obstructing an officer and curfew violations.

Identifying the Many Facets of the Judicial Review Process

This session  identifies the many facets of the judicial review process including substitution, discovery, motions & subpoenas. Discuss the appeals & judicial reviews including substitution, discovery, motions, subpoenas and appeals & judicial reviews.

Understanding the Authority & Jurisdiction of the Court

Discuss the authority and jurisdiction of the court including the current costs and potential costs.   Explore the restitution process, both adult and juvenile. Develop an understanding of the process’ limitations, joint & several liability, hearings and payments.

Proactive Ethical Guidelines for Municipal Court Clerks

This  walks you through the sources of the rules of legal ethics.  Explore ethical guidelines, prohibited transactions, competence, ethical conduct issues in ligation and courtroom conduct. In addition, you learn more about public service efforts such as giving information versus advice and open versus closed records.


Professional Judicial Assistant Certificate in Administration (Tier 2)

Strategies to Defuse Explosive Situations

Sometimes we face the difficult challenge of defusing tense situations during our daily interactions. Equip yourself with the tools to remedy these situations, and train others to do the same. Explore common causes of conflicts and introduce conflict management approaches.

Customer Service

It is widely acknowledged that exceptional customer service may be the most critical factor to an organization’s continued success and recognition. As a public manager, your role in mirroring these critical skills to your team is essential. To consistently achieve great customer service, an organization needs its managers and staff to focus on an array of activities – both managerial and operational – they should undertake that lead to quality service. Allow this workshop to introduce skills to build an award-winning customer service team for both your internal and external clientele.

Leadership (Core)

Examine leaders and leadership: factors involved in becoming a leader, how to develop leadership abilities, and how context affects your behavior as a leader. Further develop leadership skills you already have, and learn how to effectively use your power and influence as a manager. Acquire skills to help you express your values as a leader, promote change and innovation, and motivate others through specific programs and activities.

Office Politics

The ability to master office politics provides you with the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills, process and understanding of the political tactics necessary to navigate effectively throughout your career. This online session provides strategies to increase your knowledge.

Preserving the Public Trust for Accountability

Throughout the 1990’s, scandals have rocked the public’s sense of trust in the accountability of public and nonprofit organizations. The public is questioning activities involving scandalous employee behavior and the use of agency assets. To restore trust, this workshop helps identify the strategic issues related to accountability and outlines effective tools and methods for implementing standards of responsibility and accountability. The instructor presents strategic tools, checklists, and diagnostic activities useful for the public manager to maintain its outstanding record in serving the public trust.

Information Management (Core)

Receive a basic foundation for effectively and efficiently managing information within an organization, including issues of hardware/software selection and purchase, networks and databases, and security and ethical issues. Includes discussion of both mainframe and microcomputer challenges.

Stress Management

Stress management is often overlooked in the work environment as a tool to increase productivity. Employers often assume that stressful working conditions are a necessary evil that comes with the territory. But studies show that stressful working environments are associated with increased absenteeism, tardiness and workers quitting which has a negative effect of productivity and overall morale. Learn to identify the types of stress and their related causes. Get techniques for reducing and managing stress to increase your productivity and overall well-being.

Leading & Managing within the Judicial System

Learn to use personal power and influence to increase effectiveness. Learn techniques to influence your boss, manage organizational politics in support of your goals, and influence other agencies and the policy-making process.


Professional Judicial Executive Certificate (Tier 3)

Leaving a Legacy by Developing a Standard Operating Procedure

We all have little tips and tools that we have collected over the years that we use every day that makes our jobs a little easier. Discuss best practice techniques and plans that we can standardize to make office operations much smoother. You areasked to share your approaches as well.

Top 20 Reasons Defendants Drive You Crazy

Within this session, share interesting stories and also offer constructive ways to handle those challenges circumstances that come up within the daily dealings with the public and the court process.

Problem Solving

Problem solving is the systematic process of an individual or a group recognizing and analyzing necessary information or issues to consider all possible factors to arrive at an acceptable solution. This online session walks you through various approaches

Understanding Processes & Interpretations of Statues in Municipal Courts

Over the past few years the municipal courts have experienced a number of changes to the processes and statues. Share tips on understanding the process and the interpretations of the statues. Your instructor, Kevin Rathburn, took part in the review and development process in which he will assist you in understanding.

Financial Management for Municipal Courts Clerks

This workshop introduces methods for monitoring and evaluating the expenditure of public monies, and for tracking major public projects and programs. Topics include measuring program performance and keeping projects on time and within budget. Practical, realistic case examples and discussion are the basis for this session.

Motivation & Performance Coaching

Bringing out the best in people requires the public manager to shift his or her role from manager/supervisor to leader/coach. Examine the quality of your coaching relationships with your staffers and discover a variety of tools to assist in diagnosing the causes that limit employee performance. An alternative to the traditional performance review is presented that puts the employee in charge of the assessment process.

Current Trends in Working in the Public Sector

What are the topics important to most public administrators now? How do you use social media to communicate with the public in your government office? How can current human resource policy affect morale? Explore the current trends in the public sector today.  Discuss the current happenings of the sector.

Controlling the Time Robbers

Time management is about organizing the use of your most precious resource, your time.  This online session identifies ways to better utilize and structure your daily time to maximize your contribution to your team’s continued success.


Judicial Leadership Management Certificate (Tier 4) 

Enhance Leadership Skills in an Evolving Environment

Discuss how to present what we do by mentoring and modeling behavior in confidence and cheer without defending what we do

Gain tips and tools on how to put your best foot forward

Explore how to keep an open mind and identify strengths with respect to organization and efficiency and translate them to an accountable environment.

Stay Current by Expanding Your Research Skills

Discuss approaches on how to stay current on relevant law changes

Develop list of creative ways of finding defendants.

Discuss the advantages of networking to address out of the ordinary situations by networking w/other clerks.

Develop a Tool Kit to Make Informed Decisions for Accountable Resolutions

Discuss effective ways to document and organize your information

Gain tools to be proactive using innovation to stay current to reinforce your decisions

Discuss ways to enhance confidence by trusting in your experience and abilities to make decisions, trusting in time proven circumstances or policies

Unlock Your Knowledge! Share Your Expertise with Others

Discuss strategies to vary approaches to share information

Discuss the importance of knowing the needs of your audience to enhance current success and identify ways for them to internalize information

Discuss ways of avoiding information hoarding.

Enhance Your Career Confidence, Let Your Experience Speak!

Explore examples of confident people and how they got there, the perception vs reality

Learn how to own your experience and knowledge.

Design techniques and building blocks to maintain self-esteem and support yourself when others may not

Innovative Techniques to Motivate Yourself and Others

Explore techniques to motivate

Identify what motivate others

Explore ways to create a motivational environment

Identify ways to inspire positivism

We Can All Win: Working Well in a Multi-Generational Environment

Develop tools on how to communicate expectations during your interactions with different generations

Learn the differences between the generations and why the differences exist and why we think the way we think.

Explore ways to effectively communicate and adapt to individual perceptions in an every changing workplace

Supervision Practices (2 day Core Workshop)