Short Courses

Short Courses are two- to five-week noncredit sessions on various topics such as the arts, literature, ethics, science, politics, religion and history. Courses are taught by UWM faculty and other experts and professionals in the community. Courses are offered in the fall, spring and summer.

Members enjoy free parking in the attached garage for Short Courses that are held downtown at the UWM School of Continuing Education.

Register for Osher programs online or call 414-227-3200. You must be a member to register for any Short Course.

“Vamos al cine”

Weekdays, Sept. 30-Oct. 28

A Brief History of Time

Weekdays, Oct. 13-Nov. 3

Booking and Planning Travel Online

Weekdays, Oct. 20-Nov. 3

Brain Games Part IV – DVD Course

Weekdays, Sept. 10-Oct. 15

Confronting Genocide

Weekdays, Sept. 21-28

Explorations in Wholeness

Weekdays, July 14-Aug. 11

Family Storytelling 101

Weekdays, Oct. 12-26

French for Travelers – Osher

Weekdays, Sept. 15-Oct. 6

Investing in Turbulent Times

Weekdays, Oct. 15-Nov. 5

Plato’s Vision of the Good

Weekdays, Nov. 5-19

Potpourri I Fall

Weekdays, Sept. 21-Oct. 5

Potpourri II Fall

Weekdays, Oct. 12-Nov. 9

Potpourri III Fall

Nov. 16-Dec. 14

Shakespeare: The Authorship Question

Weekdays, Oct. 20-Nov. 3

The Greatest Mysteries of the World

Weekdays, Sept. 8-Oct. 6

The Little Prince

Weekdays, Dec. 3-17

The Power of Myth – DVD Course

Weekdays, Sept. 11-Oct. 23