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Osher Talks

Osher Talks are single-session programs that offer insights on a diverse array of topics in the arts, humanities, sciences and current issues.

Register for Osher programs online or call 414-227-3200. You must be a member to register for any Osher Talks program.

Michael & Maria Trussoni - UWM-SCE Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, Go Explore Participants

Color Therapy

Mon., Mar. 14 Full

I Remember Samson

Tue., June 21

Identity Theft: Protect and Prevent

Wed., Mar. 9

Wed., Mar. 9

Paranormal 101

Sat., May 7

Surveying Requiems

Wed., July 13

Who are the Amish

Tue., Apr. 5

Wright in Racine

Mon., May 16