Child Care Program Development: Courses, Credential & Certificate

Each credential adds a new layer and level to the skills, knowledge and disposition of the early care and education professional. The Program Development Credential (PDC) promotes the development of a high-quality learning environment.

The PDC consists of a 12-credit sequence of four courses. The Registry, Wisconsin’s professional recognition system, awards the credential after successful completion of all four courses and the Registry’s commissioning process. Along with the credential, earn a certificate in early childhood program development from UWM’s School of Continuing Education. Courses may be taken independently and with or without the intention of completing the four-course series.

To take these courses for UNIVERSITY CREDIT, please call Shari Vinluan at 414-227-3223.

Who Should Attend:

  • Teachers interested in moving along their path toward new directions
  • Family Child Care Providers and FCCPs making the transition to group centers
  • Program directors, assistant directors and site directors
  • Directors of small group programs who do it all
  • Those entering ECE through the business arena
  • Teachers transitioning into director positions
  • Master and lead teachers in supervisory roles.

Department of Educ Policy & Community Studies

For more information about earning a bachelor’s degree through the Department of Educational Policy and Community Studies, call 414-229-4323, email commed@uwm.edu or visit www.epcs.soe.uwm.edu.

PDC #1 Introduction to Child Care (Introduction to Program Development)

Weekdays, Feb. 27-Apr. 23, 2016

Weekdays, Sept. 8-Oct. 31

PDC #2: Child Care Programming (Observation, Assessment & Evaluation)

Weekdays, Aug. 8-Oct. 10

Weekdays, Jan. 25-Mar. 26, 2016 Credit

PDC #4: Analysis of Child Care Environments (Designing Environments for Learning)

Weekdays, Mar. 5-May 7, 2016 Credit

Weekdays, Feb. 29-May 7, 2016 Credit