Justin Rentmeester

Justin Rentmeester
Information Systems Comprehensive Services Senior
Marketing Services

His official job title, Information Systems Comprehensive Service Professional Senior, takes up two lines on his business cards and we can't afford that kind of printing cost. So, we were forced to give him an unofficial job title, Geek Talk Translator. We think it serves him better. If Justin was fortunate enough to ride a unicycle, SCE would be missing out on some great technology talent. During his time with marketing, he has split himself into many people: boy with the fancy cell phone, "fix my computer- it's broken, guy," "hey, can you whip up a marketing list for me, dude" and database cleaner upper. Forget his wish to have the ability to fly; he can morph into a different person on the turn of a dime. Now that's special. Justin's favorite vacation spot isn't necessarily lavish, but it is fondly referred to as "the place stress goes to die" and we are quite relieved when Justin lets us know he is going to "the place" at the end of a long week (it's not pretty if he doesn't).