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The Madison Group

The Madison Group has been a recognized global leader providing consulting services, technical expertise and innovative technology to the plastics industry since 1993. Javier Cruz, Ph.D., Erik Foltz, Jeffrey Jansen and Antoine Rios, Ph.D., are all experienced engineers with the Madison Group, working to solve plastic problems and find economic solutions that help drive product development to yield higher quality parts.

Javier C. Cruz is a Senior Managing Engineer at The Madison Group where he is actively involved in failure analysis and design verification of thermoplastic, composite, and elastomeric parts. He also leads research investigations related to analysis and testing techniques for plastic failures and plumbing product failures. Dr. Cruz received his. B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez and his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His areas of interest include plastic failure and prevention, thermosets, composites, and material testing techniques. He is a member of the failure analysis division of SPE, active ASTM member involved in standards review, and a reviewer for current world known journal publications such as the Journal of Polymer Science and Engineering.

Erik Foltz is a Senior Managing Engineer at The Madison Group. Foltz received his M.S. from the Polymer Engineering Center at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Foltz’s work concentrates on assisting customers accelerate the product design process through the use of CAE Tools. His specialties include plastic part design verification, process optimization and troubleshooting for injection and compression molding, and plastics failure. He has experience with thermoplastic, thermoset, elastomeric, and composite materials. Foltz is also an active member of the Society of Plastic Engineers where he serves as a board member on the Injection Molding Division.

Antoine Rios, Sr. Managing Engineer, Principal, has been with The Madison Group since 1999. Dr. Rios received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering specializing in Plastics Engineering at the University of Wisconsin. His work concentrates in the analysis of plastics failure, plumbing product failures, forensic analysis, plastics part design and computer aided engineering.

Dr. Rios has analyzed over 2000 failures and has testified numerous times in legal cases related to plastic products. He has written various publications and given presentations on plastic failures at various Universities, conferences and client sites. Dr. Rios is currently a senior member of the Society of Plastic Engineers involved with the composites and failure analysis divisions. He is also a participating member of ASTM International serving the technical subcommittee that develops standards for plastic piping systems. He holds a Master of Business Administration from Edgewood College, Madison,

Jeffrey A. Jansen is Senior Managing Engineer and a Partner.  Jeff specializes in failure analysis, material identification and selection, and aging studies for thermoplastic materials, and has been solving polymer-related problems for 23 years. In that time, he has performed over 1200 failure investigations, both for industrial clients and as a part of litigation.  Jeff served for two years as the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) ANTEC Technical Program Chair for and as Chairperson of the Failure Analysis and Prevention Special Interest Group.  He has authored numerous articles and an ASM handbook chapter relating to failure analysis.   Jeff is a regular presenter on the SPE webinar series, covering a wide range of topics related to plastics failure, material performance, testing, and polymer technology. Jeff is a graduate of Carroll College and the Milwaukee School of Engineering.