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Ted Maffetone

Ted Maffetone has 38 years of experience in the electrical engineering and utility business. Presently Mr. Maffetone is the Chief Electrical Engineer at Altran Solutions, an Architectural and Engineering Company that designs and retro-fits electrical substations, generating stations and industrial facilities. Mr. Maffetone is responsible for overseeing substation design in the Power Delivery group. He is responsible for all electrical engineering and design requirements including calculations for battery systems, lightning, voltage drop, grounding, AC and DC station distribution, high voltage bus and all equipment installations. He has designed and continues to approve all the ground grid designs for substations ranging in voltage from 4 kV to 500 kV. In addition he recently participated in the conductor and grounding design of a 500 kV transmission line using monopoles. He previously worked for the Consolidated Edison Company of New York (CECONY), a gas and electric utility for approximately 33 years where he held various positions as an Engineer and Manager. In his time with CECONY Mr. Maffetone served in various departments that included Technical Services and Development, Relay Protection Engineering, Research and Development, and Distribution Engineering.

Prior to that Mr. Maffetone worked for the Bulova Watch Company in the electronics division; while there he took a four year military leave to serve in the United States Air Force working on B52’s and KC-135 aircraft in South East Asia as a Navigational Aids and Avionics Technician.

Mr. Maffetone is the author and co-author of several IEEE papers and magazine articles. These included, Arcing Faults Detection in Underground Distribution Networks, Application & Testing of Micro-computer based Network Protectors, The Design of a Capacitor Bank Early Warning System, and 345 kV Substation Optical Current Measurement System for Revenue Metering and Protective Relaying.

Mr. Maffetone holds a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, from Polytechnic Institute of NY University; completed the two-year PTI Power Engineering Course and is a licensed professional engineer in the states of New York and New Jersey.