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Julie Kinzelman

Dr. Kinzelman is a research scientist and Health Department Laboratory Director for the City of Racine, WI. She is a Visiting Fellow at the University of Surrey, where she earned her Ph.D. in public health microbiology in 2005.

At the Racine Health Department she is directly responsible for day to day laboratory operations as well managing coastal recreational water quality monitoring, beach certification, and municipal infrastructure/catchment assessments

Dr. Kinzelman is an affiliate scientist of the UW-Milwaukee School of Freshwater Sciences supervising postgraduate students and lecturing as needed. She further holds academic appointments at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside where she develops and teaches courses on Great Lakes water resources, aquatic microbiology and public health, and topical subjects in environmental studies.

Her research focuses on the validation/implementation of rapid methods for monitoring aqueous environments and developing applied science solutions to improve surface water quality. Ongoing projects include the use of sanitary surveys to identify pollution sources at Great Lakes beaches, naturalized beach redesign, chemical/microbial/physical assessments in support of regional river restoration, developing coastal and tributary mitigation strategies, microbial source tracking and increasing the capacity for rapid molecular methods at local public health laboratories. She participated in the development of a national beach sanitary survey tool at the request of the US EPA and has authored a number of peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters related to her efforts.