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Geoffrey Parish

Geoffrey B. Parish, P.G., P.H., is a hydrologist and geologist for a Milwaukee-based consulting company (GRAEF), with M.S. and B.S. degrees in geosciences from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He has studied wetland hydrology and soils in Wisconsin and Illinois for almost twenty years. His wetland work has included wetland delineations; wetland hydrology evaluations; sources of deposition in wetlands; long term monitoring; evaluation of possible impacts from proposed urban developments, roads and excavations; and wetland mitigation projects including enhancements, restorations and creations. He has developed hydrologic models of natural systems including wetlands systems to evaluate existing and planned conditions. In addition to wetland projects he has worked on river management planning, lake water quality management planning, ordinary high water mark determination studies, and soil moisture. He was a graduate teaching assistant in the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Geosciences Department, and has presented on natural area hydrology at workshops and numerous conferences.

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