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Gary Korb

Mr. Korb serves as Regional Planning Educator for the University of Wisconsin-Extension and Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SEWRPC). Since joining UW-Extension in 1981, he has spent most of his career working on planning education, land use, water resource, and environmental issues with SEWRPC, where his responsibilities also now include public participation in transportation planning and environmental justice. His work is broad…from teaching youth about lakes and streams, to conducting opinion surveys with local governments planning for their future. He creates educational programs and materials that equip local leaders and citizens to better understand, become involved, and act wisely regarding both conservation of resources and development options. Mr. Korb has been an Extension Natural Resources Agent, Water Quality Education Coordinator, and Chair of his Administrative Unit as well as several statewide associations of Extension professionals.

Mr. Korb holds a masters degree in environmental science, with an emphasis in environmental education; and a bachelors degree in biological aspects of conservation – both from the UW System. He worked as a professional planner in northeastern Wisconsin for several years beginning in the late 1970s before joining UW-Extension.

He is past President of the Soil and Water Conservation Society – Wisconsin, and has held various Board positions in the Wisconsin Association for Floodplain, Stormwater, and Coastal Management.