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Al Guyant

Al Guyant is an award-winning trainer, international speaker, author, facilitator, meeting moderator, media coach, and consumer affairs professional.

He is president of Guyant & Associates, Madison, Wisconsin, a training and consulting firm specializing in human communications and services. Al is co-author of “Manager’s Tough Questions Answer Book” and “Beat The Press.” He has two other books due out in July 2008.

Al has prepared line staff and CEOs for “60 Minutes,” “Dateline,” and other tough-question formats. Al has handled more than 20,000 news media contacts and consumer complaints in his career. He has lectured for UW-Madison, Michigan State University, Kansas University and Texas A&M.

Al Guyant has trained thousands of people from government agencies and private industry on thinking on your feet, handling difficult people, public speaking, meeting management, quality improvement, writing skills, consumer negotiation and collaboration, and how to create successful news media relations. The attendees included company presidents, division managers, line staff, clerical assistants, politicians, and many others.

Al has founded state and national organizations and consumer networks to improve customer service and program funding. He has organized large state and national consumer conferences and is often a featured speaker.

He has more than 17 years experience in consumer affairs and public information with the Wis. Public Service Commission and other government agencies. Al has ten years experience as a newspaper reporter or editor with The Milwaukee Journal, Janesville Gazette and other news media.

Al has appeared before the U.S. Senate, Wisconsin State Senate, Wisconsin State Assembly, Missouri Legislature, Pennsylvania Legislature, Alaska Public Utilities Commission, and Colorado Public Service Commission.

He has also advised state and federal agencies on consumer programs and policies. He has been a consultant to political campaigns and holds a BS degree in Criminal Justice from UWM.