Writing for Publication

Publishing an article requires writing ability, a worthwhile subject, research of appropriate publications, editors and audiences, subject knowledge, timing, and some luck.  

This course is about minimizing luck and maximizing the other components of an interesting, well-written article to better its chances for publication. The topics covered are appropriate for electronic and print. 

Course Outline/Topics

Topics to be covered

  • The process of contacting editors
    • How
    • When
  • How to research publications appropriate for your articles or find publications for which you think you could write
    • Researching websites and hard cover copies
    • Meeting submissions requirements
  • The pitch and, if required, how to write it
    • The pitch is one of the most difficult kinds of writing
    • Organization, length, style
  • After the pitch, how to write the article
    • Hooking your audience
    • Crafting the opening sentence, probably the most important sentence in the article
    • Obeying the word count instructions for the publication
    • Keeping the article short, because short articles have a greater chance of publication than long ones
    • Interviewing people for their insight and inclusion in the article
    • Interviewing people for profile articles
    • Writing titles
  • You should write for the audience of a particular magazine and no one else
    • Particulars of audience analysis
  • Should you include visuals?
    • Placement within the article
    • Attachments to article for illustration purposes
    • Adhere to resolution of dpi requirements for photos
  • Working with a staff photographer
    • Worthwhile conversations
  • Editing and reviewing
  • Adhering to deadlines and sending in the article as word documents or pdfs

Dates and locations to be announced.