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Wisconsin Sedimentation & Erosion Control Inspector (WISECI) Best Management Practices

Learn techniques to establish stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) for your construction site, and eliminate problems before they cause higher costs and slowdowns for your project. Save time and money by avoiding erosion and sediment releases. Learn about proper installation and maintenance of typical BMPs as well as proper documentation to help keep your project in compliance with local and state regulations.

This course can be applied to the Water Technology Certificate.

Who Should Attend

Inspectors, contractors, foremen, project managers, consultants, stormwater managers and owners of construction site projects and related activities (grading, culvert replacements, utility trenching, etc.)

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Develop expertise in site inspection and reporting
  • Assess erosion and sedimentation releases
  • Earn the designation WISECI when you pass the exam at the end of this course

Course Outline/Topics


Check-in and Registration
7:30 – 8am

Welcome and Course OverviewGinny Plumeau
8 – 8:30am

Applicable WDNR Regulations & Permitting Bryan Hartsook, PE
8:30 – 10am

  • Regulations
  • Permit Requirements
  • Plans & Technical Standards
  • Plan Implementation
  • Site Inspection / Permit Issues

EPA SWPPP Requirements Ginny Plumeau

  • SPS 321 & 360: Construction Standards, Soil Erosion Inspection


Erosion Control Best Management Practices (BMPs)Peter Shevidy, PE
10:45am – 12pm

  • Basic Soil Characteristics
  • Soils & Erosion Potential
  • Pre-Construction Erosion Control Planning
  • Selected BMP Types – Overview


Best Management Practices (BMPs) – continued – Kellen Black, WISECI
1 – 2:45pm

  • Selected BMPs types and Design Guidelines


Polyacrylamides (Polymers), Dewatering, Sediment – Scott Bordeau, CPESC
3 – 4:30pm

  • Dewatering issues and Soil Types
  • Geotextile types
  • Appropriate use of polymers


Inspection & Documentation – Minal Hahm, PE
8 – 9:30am

  • Inspection Forms
  • Use of Photos
  • Compliance Issues
  • Notification of Release
  • Notice of Violation – What next?


Practical Exercise 1: Site Inspection & Reporting Practice (computer lab)
Practicum Exercise 2:  Review of Plans, BMPs, Figures (team discussion)
9:45am – 12pm


12:30 – 3:30pm

Water Technology Certificate

Congratulations to the latest recipients of UWM’s Water Technology Certificate:

Kristina Betzold
Rosheen Styczinski

Dates and locations to be announced.