How to Use Business Analysts in Your Evolving IT Organization – Free Webinar

Identifying the right business analysis skill set and role for your evolving IT organization can be challenging. One thing that is essential for all IT organizations is to have a value-added business partner. Creating this partnership varies between organizations. This webinar looks at organizational structure, delivery methodology and the role of IT in business to help you understand what you need in a business analyst.

Who Should Attend

Leaders, managers, and individual contributors who are interested in learning more about optimizing and elevating the BA role to support and achieve business objectives.

Course Outline/Topics

Identification of various IT Organizational Structures as well as delivery methodologies.   People typically mix all of these into one, but there are three factors. Organization structure, Delivery Methodology, and Role of IT in BusinessBreak into three overview slides and after each one do a quick poll:

1.      Organization Structure: matrix, outsourced, projectized, functional, …

2.      Delivery methodology: LEAN, Waterfall, Agile, Hybrid, None, other

3.      IT is… (Reference Gartner)

a.     IT as Engine Room

b.    IT as Global Business Service Provider

c.     IT “Is” the Business

d.    Everyone’s IT

Overview of Various BA Roles and skill sets from traditional to latest trendsBA as SME, Tech Lead, Business Relationship Manager, Product Manager, Tester, …

We may want to do a poll here, too, need to develop that more clearly.

Matching the twoTake a couple minutes to introduce the BA Maturity Model and how it may not work based on the Organization

Provide Take Away with some sort of matrix that show most important skill set to less important based on the organizational factors described in the first section

Final Q&A
Wrap up

Dates and locations to be announced.