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The Impact of Inclusion Strategies for Public Managers

Creating a workplace that is aware of and respects the broad spectrum of human diversity is imperative for competitive organizations today. This interactive workshop increases your understanding of all aspects of inclusion, and begins the process for dialogue and working together productively. Special emphasis is placed on providing the skills and competencies you need for working with multicultural and inclusive teams.

This course can be applied to the Certificate in Public Administration.

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Understand diversity issues at the individual level
  • Know how to support diversity teams
  • Learn a definition of diversity and why its strategic
  • Understand cultural filters and dimensions of diversity
  • Cover assumptions, impressions and personal responsibility
  • Study the behavior awareness model
  • Recognize teachable moments, avoiding the blame game, and similarities and differences
  • Discover tools for communication skills to enhance diversity in the workplace

Dates and locations to be announced.