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Teaching Traumatized Children: Explore the Sensory Memory & Behavioral Presentations of Traumatized Children

Some of the most difficult learning and behavior problems that schools face can be linked to children’s exposure to trauma. Research now shows that trauma from exposure to family violence, crime, disaster, accident, abuse and other adverse experiences can undermine children’s ability to learn, form relationships, and function appropriately in the classroom. Discover the impact trauma has on learning, behavior and relationships at school, and understand the framework that any school can use to create an environment responsive to the needs of all children who experience emotional barriers that prevent them from being successful learners.

Who Should Attend

Early childhood therapists, educators, occupational therapists, couples therapists, addictions therapists, and trauma therapists.

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Sensory Processing

    Somatic Experiencing Model

    Traumatic memory and the interpretation of sensory input

    Limbic resonance

    Engaging the Social Nervous System

    Setting the Intention and Weaving it with Purpose

    Relevance of providing the Support

Dates and locations to be announced.