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Right-of-Way Acquisition Guidelines

Get an overview, and understand property ownership, land requirements and transmission line design. Discuss the appraisal process and the determination of pre-specific appraisal data.

This course can be applied to the Electrical Engineering Certificate.

Course Outline/Topics

Basic Overview
Discussion of Right-of-Way Acquisition Issues
Property Ownership
GIS updates
Example Documents from Projects

Determining Land Requirements
A discussion of the development of the easement documents and the incorporation of the design
parameters of the transmission line project
Route Selection and Land Ownership Land Owner Lists
Land Zoning Issues
Land Use Requirements and Restrictions

The Transmission Line Design
CPCN notifications
Development of Easement Document Language
Land Acquisition Policy and Guide Book

Discussion of the appraisal process and the determination of pre-specific appraisal data
Selecting an Appraiser
“The Bundle of Sticks” Analogy
Examples and Case Studies

Title Reports
Discussion of the use of title reports to determine ownerships and encumbrances of properties
Selecting a Title Company
Preliminary Reports
Title Insurance
Specific Reports
Subordination Agreements
Exercise in Reviewing Actual Title Reports
Discussion of the surveying requirements.
Landowner Permission to Enter Property
Different Permits may be Required
Permission for Environmental Surveys

County Record Surveys
Centerline Staking
Marks Beginning of Landowner Concerns
Environmental Surveys
Over Multiple Alignment Options
Used to Evaluate Routes
Resistance may be Encountered
Environmental Disciplines may need Actual Survey of Alignment.

Centerline Estimate Stakes
Flagged Trails
Access to Property
Environmental Coordination
Discussion of the role of land acquisition team with regard to environmental mitigation requirements.
GIS Mapping
Problems and Concerns
Access Road Surveys

Property Surveys
Danger Trees

Examples Project Representations and Demonstrations
LiDAR Files
GIS Mapping Files
Design Files
o Terrain Models
o Alignment Models
o Google Earth Links

Specific Appraisals
Discussion of the appraisal process needed to establish fair market values for land acquisitions.

General Market Valuation
Determining the Highest and Best Use of the Property
o Zoning
o Adjacent and Nearby Parcels
o County Assessor
o Landowner Plans
Specific Easement Valuations
o Acres in Easement Area
o Ingress and Egress
o Diminution of Landowner’s Ability to Develop Property
o Basis of Offer

Example Cases
Acquisition Process Discussion of the process of completing the documents needed to submit offers to land owners.

Are Options an Option?
Delivering the Offer Letter
Establishing Landowner Contact
Local Statutes and Landowner Rights
Lien Holders
Working with the Banks
Curative Issues and Vehicles
Final Offers

Meeting the Land Owner
Discussion of the ins and outs of dealing with land owners
Title Report Anomalies
What if an Owner Can’t be Identified
Multiple Owners
Bank Owned Properties and Foreclosures

Discussion of the resolution process through negotiations
Counter Offers
Working with Landowner Agents
Impasse or Agreement
After Impasse What?

Ready for Construction?
Discussion of the relationship between land acquisition and construction as it pertains to ingress and egress to the construction site.
Easements Signed
Permits Obtained
Landowner Notified

A wrap up discussing the overall process and how they fit into the Transmission Project schedule.
Flow Chart
Communication Plan
Permits to Enter for Surveys (all types)
Title Reports
Easement Surveys
Easements Obtained

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