Resetting and Refueling

Cutting edge research is rapidly changing our understanding of how we hit the reset button in our lives. We know more than ever about the brain’s role in happiness, the impact of positive emotions and the importance of growth mindset.

Discover the strategies based on this body of research that now serve as building blocks for restoring energy reserves and tackling the sources of stress. Whether we call it wellness, balance, stress reduction or overall life satisfaction, our ability to flourish largely depends on choices we make every day.

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Explore the eight dimensions that either fuel or drain us
  • Identify the difference between avoidance goals and pull goals
  • Learn how to increase the frequency of positive experiences and emotions
  • Understand the powerful benefits of developing a growth mindset
  • Become acquainted with five pillars of well-being

Dates and locations to be announced.