PowerPoint 2010 – Part II Advanced Concepts

PowerPoint 2010 is Microsoft’s powerful slide show creation software that allows you to produce polished presentations. This course covers advanced features and concepts of the PowerPoint 2010 interface.

This is a self-paced, online course that is presented in two modules with approximately two hours of content. The course includes access to course content and digital book library for one year.

Benefits of taking a self-paced online course:

  • Self-paced course allows you to learn at your own speed
  • Online access to the course means you can learn from any computer, at work or home
  • Ability to instantly search and access a vast collection of books and other content from the world’s leading authorities
  • Course and materials library serves as a resource when needing information on PowerPoint 2010
  • Course content can be accessed for one full year

Who Should Attend

Individual and business users with basic computer literacy who want to learn advanced techniques for creating professional slide-show presentations.

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Customize your animations, set and rehearse timings, create mouse-over actions for elements on a slide and record your presentations for automatic delivery
  • Learn how to collaborate on the development of presentations and how to use features including proofing, language and research tools
  • Understand the options for printing and protecting a presentation

Course Outline/Topics

Course Module 1 – Using Advanced Slide Show Tools in PowerPoint 2010

As an advanced user, you can take advantage of features that allow you to customize your animations to create just the right effect. PowerPoint has tools for getting your animations to move at the right speed and in the right order. There are also built-in tools, such as the animation painter, that allow you to apply an animation scheme to the entire presentation in one easy step. Once you have perfected your presentation, you can set and rehearse timings, create mouse-over actions for elements on a slide and record your presentation for automatic delivery. There are also many tools that make the presentation of your slide show easy and effective, such as highlighters and laser pointers. These tools and features are all covered in this course.

Expected Duration (hours): 1.0

Lesson Objectives:

  • Create a custom animation
  • Apply triggers to animated objects
  • Configure the settings for a custom slide show
  • Match slide show types with corresponding examples
  • Set up an action button for a user-run slide-show presentation
  • Learn the procedure for recording narration and slide timings
  • Understand how to use the presentation tools available
  • Add multiple visual and audio effects to a slide
  • Set up a slide show as per given specifications


Course Module 2 – Collaborating and Sharing Presentations in PowerPoint 2010

Today people can collaborate on the development of PowerPoint presentations in new and exciting ways. With the proper technological infrastructure in place, multiple people can work on a single presentation at the same time. An alternative to co-authoring a presentation with other team members is to send the presentation as an e-mail attachment, save it to a website, burn it onto a CD or broadcast it live over the Internet. To simplify the process of reviewing and accepting or rejecting changes, you can now merge the reviewed version with your original version into one presentation. This course explores these topics and many other collaboration features. Also covered are proofing, language and research tools, along with options for printing and protecting a presentation.

Expected Duration (hours): 1.0

Lesson Objectives:

  • Use the proofing, translation, review, merge and compare tools
  • Collaborate with one or more team members on a presentation
  • Match file format options with their corresponding purposes
  • Use tools to distribute presentations over the Internet
  • Proof and research words on a slide of a presentation
  • Finalize a reviewed version of a presentation and upload it to the Web
  • Protect a presentation and prepare it for printing


Basic computer literacy and an understanding of Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 basic features.


This is an online, self-paced course. For convenience, students have access to the course for one year and may use it as a resource for continued learning.

Dates and locations to be announced.