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Potpourri I Hefter

Each week, discover a different speaker and enjoy a different topic.

All sessions are Face-to-Face unless otherwise noted.

3 Mon., July 11-25


Location: UWM Hefter Conference Center

Eric Roscoe
Jacqueline Zeldon
Tony Busalacchi

Fee: $15

Enrollment Limit: 90

Program Number: SUM:007

Note: Week 1: Tony Busalacchi “Honor Flight” “Up at 4:00 am and to bed at midnight. One very, very full day of being pampered. Yes, I had seen most of the Washington before, but never, never in as spectacular a fashion as this. Our visits to all of the war memorials were made possible with the assistance of a police escort. If you have heard that Honor Flights are great, multiply that by 10 and you might almost get the full impact.”

Week 2: Jacqueline Zeldon “Ride with us … on the Bus; A New Day for Milwaukee County Transit System” For more than 150 years, Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) has provided vital transportation services to the community. In recent years, MCTS has adopted a number of technological improvements to better serve customers to make their travel easier, quicker and safer. This session will introduce you to new features implemented and how the company is positioning itself for future growth.

Week 3: Eric Roscoe “Reptiles and Amphibians” The Madison Area Herpetological Society will be on hand to present a general overview of the reptiles and amphibians.

Registration Deadline: Mon., July 11

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