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PDC #4: Analysis of Child Care Environments (Designing Environments for Learning)

ED POL 416

Explore a variety of designs for child care settings and understand the ways in which environments can assist or hinder children’s learning. In this final course of the program development series, you’ll combine lessons and themes from courses #1-3. Your capstone experience includes a culminating project and portfolio that integrates knowledge and best practices for developing effective physical and cultural environments for your program.

This course can be applied to the Child Care Program Development Certificate.

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Develop environments that enhance student performance by understanding the philosophy and culture of learning environments
  • Assess environmental design and design impact on learning goals, both indoors and outdoors
  • Understand the concept of environment as “the assistant teacher”
  • Know the regulatory requirements for environments
  • Be able to design and equip age-appropriate indoor and outdoor spaces, including: creating a welcoming program environment; effect of environment on behavior (self-regulation); healthy environment for adults in the program (staff & families); and cultural competence within environments


PDC #1, PDC #2, and PDC #3

Dates and locations to be announced.