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Native Landscape Design for Stormwater

Understand the basics of Native Landscape Design with a focus on stormwater projects. Learn to select and order plants and seed that are ideal for the capture and treatment of pollutants in stormwater. Discover the monitoring and management guidelines you should expect in a good plan.

This course can be applied to the Water Technology Certificate.

Who Should Attend

• Landscape architects and designers, planners, scientists, architects, and engineers involved in design of stormwater treatment systems
• NGOs involved in helping to educate landowners about rain gardens and native plantings
• Traditional landscapers who would like to incorporate native plantings in their landscape designs
• Non-landscapers who would like to learn more about plant selection and identification for constructed wetlands, buffers, stormwater ponds, etc.

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Incorporate native plants into stormwater design
  • Evaluate plans and specifications relative to your projects
  • Understand how to use native plants to maximize project control

Course Outline/Topics

This one day course will cover:

• When and why a native landscape approach is the right choice.
• How to plan for a native landscaping project.
• Some techniques to reduce and slow runoff – preserving natural swales and drainages, reducing land disturbance/grading, and minimizing impervious surfaces.
• The basics of plant selection for bio-infiltration (rain gardens and bio-swales) to help prevent flooding, prevent water quality degradation, stabilize flow rates and prevent bank erosion
• The application of buffers, filter strips and/or level spreaders and how to enhance their performance with the right plantings.
• The basics of plant selection for constructed wetlands (subsurface or surface wetlands, which are an engineered sequence of water bodies designed to filter and treat pollutants found in storm water runoff or effluent).
• Native landscaping layouts.
• How to select and order plants and seed ideal for a stormwater project.
• Proper planting and maintenance techniques.
• How to identify common native plants used for bio-infiltration.
• Tour of stormwater practices and vegetation on the Lake County grounds.

All sessions are Face-to-Face unless otherwise noted.

Fri., Oct. 28


Location: UWM School of Continuing Education

Tom Mortensen
Lesley Brotkowski
Sean Hayes

Fee: $315

CEUs: 0.7, PDHs: 7

Enrollment Limit: 40

Program Number: 4850-9189

Registration Deadline: Fri., Oct. 28

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