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Multicultural Knowledge of Mental Health Practices: Working With Hmong Americans

Explore the history of Hmong people, and learn about their immigration, acculturation, identity, kinship and family. You can also begin understanding Hmong gender roles, religion and spirituality, beliefs about health and wellness education, counseling considerations, and other psychosociocultural influences.

This course is designed to familiarize you with necessary information that is critical to understanding the Hmong American population in the United States including demographics and sociocultural and political histories. Specific concepts and frames of reference such as immigration, acculturation, identity (including the intersection of multiple identities), family structure, gender role socialization, religion and spirituality, beliefs about health and wellness, help seeking, and other relevant psychosociocultural influences will be discussed. Attention will be given to contemporary issues facing Hmong Americans as well as the diversity within.

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Understand relevant demographic, sociocultural, and political histories relevant to working with Hmong Americans
  • Learn psychosociocultural factors critical in understanding Hmong American population
  • Be familiarized with Hmong American worldviews about health and wellness and help seeking

Course available Oct. 3-31

Location: Online

Instructor: Ava Yang-Lewis PhD

Fee: $79

CEUs: 0.7, CEHs: 7

Enrollment Limit: 15

Program Number: 7740-8413

Registration Deadline: Mon., Sept. 26

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