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Managing Today’s Technical Professional

Do you know what motivates your technical staff? Discover how to match management strategies and techniques with the needs of a technical workforce.

As individuals in large technical organizations and specialists within particular functions, technical professionals play a vital role in today’s business success. Managing this group requires understanding what is critical to these individuals and using techniques to best motivate them for outstanding performance.

This course can be applied to the following certificates:
Advanced Leadership Certificate
Project Management Certificate

Who Should Attend

  • Owners and managers in technically-related businesses
  • Managers and directors in functional organizations such as IT, engineering, R&D, finance & accounting
  • Project managers

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Understand what motivates a technical workforce
  • Identify the skills and competencies that define success in technical environments
  • Match management strategies and techniques with the needs of the technically-based workforce
  • Capitalize on talent and establish a system of accountability
  • Identify and discuss which leadership practices and styles best support outstanding performance

Course Outline/Topics

  1. Introductions
  2. Defining Job Succes
    A) Performance Standards
    B) Two faces of leadership
    C) Motive assessment profile
    D) How people differ
  3. What is motivation?
    A) Understanding motivation
    B) Motives defined
    C) Two faces of power
    D) 8 key principles of motivation
    E) The motive requirement of jobs
    F) Behavior change and job requirements
  4. Leadership roles, responsibilities & competencies
    A) Leadership dimensions
    B) Examples
    C) Comparative roles in your organization
  5. Building a base of credibility and trust
    A) Credibility
    B) Leverage the base
    C) The process
    D) Critical credibility behaviors focus on relationships
    E) Making an emotional connection
    F) Presidential debate analysis
    G) Managing technical professionals
  6. Alignment & Execution in a Technical Environment
    A) Leadership style
    B) Adapting style
    C) Examples
    D) Climate dimensions
    E) Alignment & execution fundamentals
    F) Clarity, expectations, results
    G) Feedback
    H) Effective delegation
    I) Coaching and Professional development
    J) Recap

I was looking for more specific ways to deal with technical people. I now can evaluate their skills and their styles.

— Stephanie Knuteson, IT Infrastructure, WE Energies

Dates and locations to be announced.